About Equipment Trailers

The quick, secure transportation of heavy equipment and vehicles between worksites takes a high-priority spot in many industries.

Without high-impact tools to assist workers, you’ll quickly notice how production can begin to lag. From construction to oil drilling, you can benefit from one of our many equipment trailers for sale. Nationwide Trailers carries many reputable brands to place you in good hands moving forward, including PJ Trailers, Delco Trailers, LoneStar, East Texas Trailers and X-ON, as well as other solutions.

If you need a top-quality equipment trailer, you’ll benefit from a business partnership with us.

Benefits of Equipment Trailers

You’ll gain enhanced strength and safety when choosing from our selection. With sturdy steel frames, superior welding and bolted joints, weight-dispersing axles and other features, you’ll gain a new appreciation for a premier trailer that can handle all sorts of challenges without breaking.

Hotshot drivers must be ready for anything. This is why they choose trailers sold by Nationwide Trailers. We make sure to help design or select a trailer that can handle the most difficult loads. With many miles of usage features like elec/hydraulic brakes, hutch or air-ride suspension, typically 40 ft. length, and plenty of cargo control options help make a successful hotshot driver.

Vehicles and other heavy equipment will take precedence, but there are many other loads equipment trailers can haul, such as pipes, drilling tools, lumber and other large building materials. This will reduce burdens on smaller trucks or trailers while increasing efficiency, as you can move vast amounts of necessary items in one trip.

Smaller equipment or materials are best moved with a pipetop trailer. Rails secure cargo and allow for easy tie-down. These can be bumperpull or gooseneck models.

Equipment Trailer from Lone Star
Construction equipment loaded onto a trailer

Types of Equipment Trailers

We aim to provide variety to our customers through the selection we carry, and our equipment trailers are no exception. Vital qualities to consider when selecting your preferred option include:

  • Sizes: Volume will be a crucial consideration when making a choice, as you’ll want to haul a reasonable amount without overstressing the trailer. We have 12-foot utility trailers that work well for smaller operations, but options extend up to 40 feet long and 102 inches wide. Our inventory of equipment trailers feature a options such as dimensions, couplers and tails configurations.
  • GVWR: If you want to optimize the speed of your trip without having to worry about overloading the trailer, you should always take the model’s gross vehicle weight rating into account. We offer trailers with high GVWR to withstand bulldozers and other tools but still keep you compliant with laws. For heavy equipment, the LoneStar Tag Along Trailer carries a rating of more than 48,000, giving it superior carrying capacity.
  • Tails: Depending on what you’re frequently hauling, you’ll need to consider the loading options. Dovetails offer two guided ramps, available in various widths, which help with maneuvering items and avoiding slips and misalignments. Straight deck trailers are great if your cargo is loaded via forklift or crate, and will often give better cost-efficiency, as well as more freedom to move around.
  • Towing methods: Your workload and the towing vehicle will factor into the coupling you use. Goosenecks give better stability and turn radiuses, and more evenly distribute trailer’s weight between axles and vehicle. Bumper pulls will usually be lighter and more versatile. Then there are pintle trailers with a heavy-duty hook that inserts into a lunette ring.

Customize Your Trailer

Sometimes, you’ll want an option that’s unique solely to you.

If you have specific requirements that other choices fall short of meeting, our experienced experts will note all your specifications to create a design that checks every box.

Contact Us for Your Trailer Needs

Finding your ideal equipment trailers takes precedence from the moment you enlist our services, and we will not stop working until you’re delighted with the final result. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your options.