About Oilfield Trailers

The oil and natural gas industry is one field that requires constant equipment and materials turnover at job sites.

Extracting oil and gas and other associated tasks requires a variety of tools and materials, and they need to arrive and leave quickly to ensure the process moves along smoothly. Nationwide Trailers understands this need better than anyone, as we operate in Texas and Oklahoma — two of the nation’s largest oil hubs.

If you need reliable oilfield trailers to assist with your next project, we’re the biggest dealer of PJ Trailers in the entire country. We also carry East Texas Trailers, LoneStar, Delco, and other options to ensure we have the best choice for you. If oil companies are your customers for hotshot delivery, you’ll need a heavy duty reliable trailer such as a PJ Trailers Gooseneck Flatbed or a 40 foot Lonestar Pipe Hauler.

Understanding Oilfield Trailers

Oilfield trailers generally feature flat decks with reinforced construction to handle heavy equipment, including generators, compressors, trash bins, rig components, piping and much more. The weight capacities will often have to manage literal tons, therefore requiring steel frames and multiple axles for weight distribution.

These trailers will often implement various designs to suit specific purposes, ensuring tasks move forward without issue. You’ll need to analyze what your jobsites need and how the trailers fit into that vision.

Oilfield trailer

Types of Oilfield Trailers

Here are some specific trailers we stock in our Odessa, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio locations build specially for the oilfields:

Pipe Haulers: Designed for the primary purpose of hauling the large pipes used in oilfields, we stock Delco and East Texas brands in our Odessa location.
Monorail: These trailers are built with heavy duty rail and pully system to make loading pipes an easy job.
Trash Trailers: If the job site requires it we have trash trailers with large mesh sides
Porta-Potty Trailers: Most job sites require porta-potty units on site. Our Odessa location stocks a trailer built just for the transport of portable units.
Roll Off Trailers: Roll-Off Dump trailers and Trash Bin trailers are some of our most popular sellers in Odessa

Our diversified catalog gives you plenty of options to choose from when selecting an oilfield trailer. With such a full degree of choice, here are some crucial characteristics to keep in mind:

  • Sizes: Prices can range drastically depending on the size of any given trailer, so it’s prudent to analyze your primary inventory and transportation needs carefully. Too much space can be a waste, while too little can lead to decreases in efficiency. From smaller storage trailers to superwide heavy equipment units, we have sizes that go from 8 feet to 40 feet long, with various widths in between.
  • GVWR: Oil rigging parts and other associated materials are often bulky and cumbersome, which can create a lot of strain on trailers that lack the specifications to move them. By analyzing the weight of your usual haul and comparing it to a trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating, which specifies the maximum operating mass, your choice will become easier. Basic cargo trailers usually tout a GVWR of 7,000 pounds, but they can extend well beyond 20,000 pounds as well.
  • Styles: You can accomplish various goals with a general utility trailer, but you can also specify it to compartmentalize the job and organize the process. We have cargo trailers that haul smaller tools and parts, as well as pipe haulers and monorail trailers for longer materials. Choose from multiple pipetop trailers to provide more flexibility with how you strap down and secure various inventories or trash trailers to haul waste and porta-pottys safely.
Close up of Odessa pipe trailer
Landscaping trailer
Tan dump trailer with cover

Customize Your Trailer

If you go through our options and find yourself looking for something more, our experts will take the extra time to ensure your satisfaction.
We routinely design and build custom trailers, and we will spec your prospective trailer so it perfectly matches your requirements.

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