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Hot Shot Trailer

Can I Change from Oil Bath to Grease on my Hotshot Trailer?

Tom Shields Nationwide Trailers Marketing Manager

By Lou Goates General Manager, Nationwide Trailers in Pasadena Texas The service department at the Nationwide Trailers location I manage in Pasadena Texas...

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Food Trailer

5 Advantages of a Food Trailer vs a Food Truck

Tom Shields Nationwide Trailers Marketing Manager

The Food Truck phenomenon is huge and only expected to get more popular. It’s estimated that food trucks and food trailers serve about 2.5 billion people per day. While this trend is most popular in the so-called progressive cities of Seattle, Austin, and Los Angeles, it’s catching on in other cities around the country. It’s safe to say the mobile food service is here to stay. Don’t confuse these mobile restaurants with the old “roach coaches” you see around construction sites. These new eateries are serving up quality food, from street tacos to gourmet entrees. Starting a mobile food service...
tiny house on trailer

Tiny House Trailers or Fixed

Tom Shields Nationwide Trailers Marketing Manager

Tiny House on Wheels or Fixed Foundation?: Pros and Cons of Each Tiny homes have been a growing trend over the most recent ten years. Now, with the economy reminding many that living without the weight of bills makes the allure of going tiny that much stronger. There are many things to consider when going tiny, such as whether you can honestly handle living in such a small space, how many people are in your family and can you do it with kids, etc? Without a doubt, the biggest question that needs to be answered first is whether your tiny...
Nationwide Trailers Blue Star logo

Nationwide Trailers Launches New Website

Tom Shields Nationwide Trailers Marketing Manager

Nationwide Trailers is happy to announce that we have launched a new website. We hope this site is easy to navigate, and easy to find the trailer you are looking for. If you have any questions about our trailers or other services please don't hesitate to contact us. 866-931-3001 -  choose location when prompted