PJ Trailers Announces New CH Steel Deck Carhauler

Get Ready for the Ultimate Car Hauling Experience with PJ Trailers’ New CH Steel Deck Carhauler! Designed specifically with car lovers in mind, the CH model is a game-changer in the world of vehicle transportation.

Why the CH Model Stands Out

PJ Trailers has long offered a steel-floor option in models like the C5, but it’s often overlooked. The CH model changes the game. It’s a targeted, usage-specific product that shines a spotlight on the needs of car enthusiasts nationwide. The CH is here to ensure that everyone knows PJ Trailers offers the perfect solution for their car hauling needs.

Loaded with Features for the Car Enthusiast

The CH model is not just a trailer; it’s a meticulously crafted tool designed to make the transportation of vehicles safer, quicker, and more efficient.

  1. EZ Latch Coupler: This time-saving feature allows for single-person hitching, simplifying the process with the innovative Demco EZ Latch technology.

  2. Removable Fenders: Our quick-release removable fenders provide easy removal for extra working space during loading, or when you need to access the wheels and axles.

  3. Steel Deck: The CH features a stain-resistant steel deck, offering a smooth surface for vehicle transitions. It’s durable, fluid-resistant, and comes equipped with 4 flush-mounted D-rings and stake pockets for secure cargo transportation.

  4. RapidRamps: These newly designed ramps provide a seamless transition for low-clearance cars, enhanced tire grip, and convenient storage in pockets, with doors that add an extra transition layer.

The Rock Shield: A Must-Have Option for the CH Model

We’re excited to introduce a new option for the CH model, the all-new Rock Shield. This optional aluminum shield bolts onto the trailer’s bump rail to protect vehicles and other precious cargo from road debris and rocks. Great for protecting cars when hauling to shop, shows, or the track!
PJ Trailers RockShield

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