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Disaster Cleanup

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Dump Trailers & Roll-off Dumps for Disaster Recovery

Dump trailers and roll-off dumps are the backbone of almost every serious disaster recovery and cleanup effort. Nationwide Trailers stocks a huge inventory of both bumper-pull and gooseneck dump trailers from PJ Trailers and LoneStar Trailers. We’ve selected these two manufacturers for their features, durability, and and overall value. “Equipped, not stripped” as we like to say. We have trailer models ranging from small, single-axle 12ft dump trailers with low side-walls for easy loading, all the way to dual (tandem) 10k axle goosenecks with high sides for large loads. Dump trailers are available in both scissor-lift and telescopic styles.

  • Scissor Lift Dump Trailers
  • Telescopic Dump Trailers
  • Single Axle Dump Trailers
  • Tandem/Dual Axle Dump Trailers
  • Gooseneck Dump Trailers
  • Bumperpull Dump Trailers
  • Roll-off Dump Trailers

Browse our inventory to find the right dump trailer for your disaster cleanup project. If you have any questions or need help selecting the right dump trailer, just give us a call at 866-931-3001 and one of our trailer experts will be happy to assist you.

Roll-off Dump Boxes for Disaster Recovery

After a major natural disaster, you’ll likely want as many dump bins as you can get your hands on. There is no limit to the amount of debris that a regional disaster like a hurricane can create. From infrastructure, to commercial buildings, to residential homes, there will be hundreds or thousands of renovation and demolition projects going on simultaneously. Your ability to load and move bins quickly will be essential to the cleanup effort.

Nationwide Trailers carries both general duty and heavy-duty LoneStar roll-off dump bins in 14yd and 20yd capacities. LoneStar dump bins are available in black, green, red and orange colors (availability may vary by location). Dump bin frames and latches will fit all LoneStar, PJ Trailers, and MaxxD Roll-off Trailers. We designed and manufacture our LoneStar dump bins to give you the best features at the absolute best price.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers for Disaster Recovery

Enclosed cargo trailers are one of the key pieces of equipment nearly every disaster recovery and cleanup contractor will rely on day-in and day-out. It is essentially your entire business on wheels. A cargo trailer will allow you to haul and secure all your smaller equipment, tools, and accessories in one place – generators, ladders, extension cords, power tools, hand tools, air compressors, and so on. The large panel sides of cargo trailers are also ideal for placing vinyl graphics to further advertise your disaster cleanup business.

Nationwide Trailers carries cargo trailers from 8ft up to 24ft in length, depending on the amount of supplies you need to haul to the disaster recovery area. While all cargo trailers provide great protection from the elements, heavy-duty cargo trailers like those we carry from CellTech and LoneStar also provide additional physical security with all-steel construction floors, roofs, and sides. Most Nationwide Trailers dealerships are able to customize your cargo trailer with additional features like ladders and AC units.

White CellTech Cargo Trailer


Dump trailers, roll-off dumps, and cargo trailers are the backbone of almost every serious disaster recovery and cleanup effort. Natural disaster cleanup often begins by moving displaced materials to clear roadways for heavy demo and construction equipment to reach hard-hit regions. Initial debris removal usually includes:

  • earth
  • mud
  • sand
  • gravel
  • concrete
  • green debris
  • trees and limbs

Dense and heavy debris like this may require heavy-duty dump bins made of thick-gauge steel with reinforced sides. You’ll also likely need dual axles with higher weight ratings like 7k or 10k per axle.

Once main thoroughfares and local access roads are cleared, the difficult task of commercial and residential recovery begins. Most structures will require extensive renovation, and the worst-hit buildings may require complete demolition. Construction materials like roofing, drywall, siding, and even framing will need to be loaded into dump bins, one painstaking load at a time, and relocated on trailers to appropriate disposal sites. When dealing with large amounts of debris cleanup, the volume and strength-rating of your dump bin and trailer matter. 20yd dump bins can carry more volume, but may require a heavier duty trailer that can handle the potential weight of the load.

Cargo trailers will be seen at every disaster cleanup site, acting like the home-base for recovery contractors. All the tools of the trade are stored on-site and are ready to be moved to the next urgent project at a moment’s notice.

Nationwide Trailers stocks an incredible selection of dump trailers, roll-off dumps, dump bins, and enclosed cargos that are ready to hit the road and help you get the job done at the disaster recovery site. The faster we move, the faster we c

an return to normal.

Give us a call and let us help you get the job done: 866-931-3001

Hurricane Ian Recovery Effort

Residents of Florida, the Carolinas, and Puerto Rico are combing through the wreckage after Hurricane Ian made landfall, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. It will take weeks, months, perhaps years to clean up and repair the damage left behind. And let us not forget about Hurricane Fiona that has hit Puerto Rico as well.

Thousands of people are left without homes right now and it will take the efforts of thousands of more people to help rebuild their lives and property. As we pick up the pieces, please know that our hearts ache for those families that lost lives in this natural disaster.

Nationwide Trailers is a Texas-based company, and we personally know what those affected by Hurricane Ian are going through as we too have experienced first-hand the wrath of mother nature. Our store managers and staff will do whatever we can to get you the trailer equipment you need to assist in the Hurricane Ian cleanup and recovery effort.  We carry the largest inventory of dump trailers, dump bins, and dump roll-offs in the US and we are the largest PJ trailer dealer in America.

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