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When it comes to facing the toughest challenges, our equipment trailers are unwavering in their rugged construction and durable design. Picture them as your trusted sidekick, an unwavering companion that stands by your side, ready to support you on your most demanding hauling missions. Whether you’re a dedicated contractor, a skilled hotshot, or an oilfield specialist, our equipment trailers are purpose-built to enhance your crucial work. They ensure your valuable equipment reaches its destination securely, so you can focus on what matters most.


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More About Flatbed Trailers

Gooseneck trailers with flatbeds, also known as flatdecks or deckover trailers, give you the best weight distribution for transporting heavy loads or equipment. Unlike bumperpulls (trailers that hitch to a bumper), gooseneck trailers distribute weight to the center of your truck’s bed over the axle. From there, the weight transfers directly to the ground through your tires. You can also maximize space and limit sway with the gooseneck flatbed design.

Nationwide Trailers can get you hitched up to the right flatbed gooseneck you need for your hauls. We can even customize your trailer build with all the features you want — upgraded decks, tires, toolboxes, ramps, winches and more! Just talk to our expert staff about your needs, and our flatbed trailer sales team will help you find the necessary equipment to get the job done.


Flatbed trailers are great for a wide range of hauling needs. The open deck design helps you move oddly shaped loads, and the lack of walls and enclosed space keeps the cost lower. If you’re looking for a flatbed trailer for sale, here’s a buying guide to help you decide on the best trailer for you.


Before you visit us for a trailer, you’ll want to think about how much you’re willing to spend. A budget will narrow down your options so our staff can show you quality trailers that fit within your price range. You can also look into financing options to help you pay for the trailer you need.

If you have a lower budget, you can find used flatbed trailers for sale at Nationwide Trailers. Buying used is a great way to reduce costs while still getting a quality hauler.


Different trailers come in a range of lengths, widths and weights. Before you start looking for a trailer, you’ll want to have an idea of your required specifications to help you narrow the search. If you’re unsure, our staff can discuss how you intend to use the trailer and help you pick one to suit your needs.


Local laws and regulations often require specific axle configurations, so you should discuss any applicable hauling rules with your trailer seller to make sure the model you buy complies with shipping regulations. Axle configuration can also change the size of loads you can carry, so you’ll need to choose one that can handle the weight of your cargo.


The size, weight and dimensions of the load you’re hauling may change your flatbed trailer needs. You’ll want to have a pretty firm estimate of the shape and size of your typical cargo so you can get a trailer that will fit everything without too much space left over — you don’t want to have to take multiple trips or store a large trailer that’s only ever half full.


The vehicle you’re using to tow loads has a specific towing weight capacity. When you come looking for a trailer, make sure you know that number so you can choose a trailer you can still haul when it’s fully loaded with cargo. Your trailer should also be the same width as your towing vehicle, so keep that measurement in mind as well.


If you’re looking for a flatbed gooseneck trailer, make sure that your hauling vehicle has the hardware required to tow it. If your truck isn’t already equipped with a ball hitch in the bed, you will have to modify the vehicle to add one, a process that is considerably more involved than installing a bumper hitch. Many of our trailer dealership locations have on-site parts and service departments that can help upgrade your vehicle with the right trailer hitch for the job.



The vast majority of 10-15 ton trailers use electric brakes and they work well trailers used in low-medium mileage applications in areas with flat terrain. For high mileage applications, most dealers will recommend hydraulic disc brakes. We typically do not recommend standard electric trailer brakes for hot shot trailers.


Due to the high miles and varying topography flatbed trailers see, we believe electric over hydraulic disc brakes are the only way to go. Electric over hydraulic brakes use your typical electric brake controller to control a hydraulic disc brake system that resides solely on the trailer. Hydraulic disc brakes will stop faster, last longer, and are cheaper to maintain for high mileage trailers. All of our axles from 7k to 12k can be ordered with hydraulic disc brakes with hydraulic drums available on 15k axles.



Blackwood is a wooden lumber product with a rubber insert that is infused throughout the center of the board. Blackwood solves several age old trailer lumber problems.


Rough oak floor is our most durable floor option. We always recommend using rough oak for any trailer that will be hauling steel tracked vehicles.



The most common suspension choice for flatbed trailers is your typical leaf spring with equalizer suspension. The leaf spring suspension is very durable, requires minimal maintenance, and is the most affordable suspension choice.


The Hutch 9700 suspension has become quite popular on flatbed trailers. The Hutch suspension is more durable than your typical spring suspension offering torque arms allowing for adjustment, million mile bushings, and maintenance free hub fasteners.


We also offer air ride suspension on our flatdeck trailers. The air ride suspension makes for a smoother ride for the driver and the cargo. With air ride you can also raise and lower the deck of the trailer for loading & unloading. Air ride also gives you the ability order the lift axle option to reduce tire wear and save on tolls when hauling empty.


Nationwide Trailers has a complete line of Flatdeck, or as many call them, Flatbed trailers for sale. As the largest PJ Trailers dealer in the USA, we are proud to carry each of PJ Trailer’s 15 different models of flatbed trailers at our 8 locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. These trailers offer so many great features and benefits as you can see in this comparison checklist of more than 40 features. You’ll find most of these models in stock. We also offer the LoneStar Trailers brand that offers many models of flatbed trailers plus custom trailer designs.

LS Low-Profile Flatbed with Singles

PJ Trailers LS Flatbed Trailers with Singles

A Low Profile Flatbed also called a Low Boy is 102 inches in width. Available in 20 ft to 40 ft lengths. Stardard is 7K Axles. Upgrade is available to 8K axles, also heavy duty monster ramps can be added as an option.

LD Low-Profile Flatbed with Duals

PJ Trailers LD Flatbed Trailer with Duals

The LD “Lowboy” can be ordered in up to a 44 foot length as the longest trailer size for this model. This low profile trailers features standard 10K axles but can be upgraded to 12K or 15K for heavier loads. Other popular options include dovetail or heavier duty monster ramps. Compare it to the FD. The LD is about 4.5 inches closer to the ground. Select electric or hydraulic brakes.

L3 14″ I-beam Low-Profile Flatbed Gooseneck

L3 is a 14″ I-beam low profile with duals comes standard 12K Dexter axles with a 15K option. It comes standard with a 102″ deck 8 ft. ramps on the straightdeck or you can upgrade to 5 ft. dovetail and flip-over ramps or the heavier monster ramps. Order this trailer in 20 to 40 ft. lengths, choose electric brakes, or Elec/hydraulic disc brakes. This is one of the most durable trailers you’ll find that will meet your hauling needs.

LY Flatbed with 10 Ft. Hydraulic Dovetail

Black Gooseneck PJ Trailers LY Flatbed with Hydraulic Dovetail

YY is a Flatdeck featuring a 10 ft. hydraulic dovetail. It can be ordered with either gooseneck or bumperpull couplers. Standard with 2- 10k dexter axles (12k optional). standard with 102″ wide deck and a 10′ hydraulic dovetail for easy loading. The YY comes in lengths from 30′ to 44′. With the hydraulic dovetail this trailer is perfect for hauling cars or other vehicles for easy loading.

F8 Flatbed Deckover

Black Bumperpull PJ Trailers F8 Deckover Flatbed Trailer

Not all the flatbeds are goosenecks. This PJ Trailers’ model F8 is a Flatdeck built with an 8″ I-Beam frame. It’s ideal for heavy equipment hauling jobs. Standard features include 2, 7000lb Axles, Drop-leg jack, Adjustable 2 5/16″ ball coupler, 96″ wide deck, 6.5′ slide-in ramps.

Lonestar Custom Flatbed Trailers

F18 sitting on a custom-built LoneStar Trailer

Tell us what you want your trailer to do and we’ll build it to do the job. Lonestar can build custom designed trailers with most any configuration and specifications you require.


Buying a new or used flatbed trailer is easy when you have a knowledgeable team on hand to help. If you’re not sure what you need, contact the pros at Nationwide Trailers to discuss your applications and find the perfect new or used flatdeck trailer. Our trailer experts have many years of experience in the industry, and they know which trailers are right for the job you need to get done.

Flatbed Trailer FAQ

What are flatbed trailers used for?

Flatbed trailers are versatile vehicles designed for transporting oversized, heavy, or irregularly shaped items. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, agriculture, and logistics.

What types of flatbed trailers do you offer?

We offer a variety of flatbed trailers, including standard flatbeds, bumperpull and gooseneck trailers, and single/dual-wheel options. Each type is designed to accommodate different types of loads and loading methods.

Can I customize the features of my flatbed trailer?

Absolutely. We offer customization options such as trailer length, decking material, stake pockets, and additional accessories to tailor the flatbed trailer to your specific needs.

What is the weight capacity of your flatbed trailers?

The weight capacity of our flatbed trailers varies based on their size, design, and construction. We can assist you in selecting a trailer with the appropriate weight capacity for your loads.

Are your flatbed trailers suitable for transporting machinery?

Yes, our flatbed trailers are well-suited for transporting machinery, construction equipment, and other heavy loads. You can choose a trailer with features like ramps or dovetail for easier loading.

Can I use a flatbed trailer for transporting vehicles?

Absolutely. Flatbed trailers can be used to transport vehicles, especially if you choose a trailer with appropriate features such as ramps or a dovetail for easy loading and unloading.

What type of hitch do I need for towing a flatbed trailer?

The type of hitch required depends on the weight of the flatbed trailer and your vehicle's towing capacity. Our experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate hitch.

Do your flatbed trailers come with ramps for loading?

Yes, many of our flatbed trailers come with built-in ramps or dovetail designs to facilitate the loading and unloading of equipment and vehicles.

Can I finance the purchase of a flatbed trailer?

Yes, we offer financing options to make owning a flatbed trailer more accessible. Our team can help you find a financing plan that suits your budget.

How can I determine the right flatbed trailer for my hauling needs?

Our experts are here to help you select the ideal flatbed trailer based on the type of loads you'll be transporting and your intended usage.