40 Ft. Shipping Container Trailers

40 Ft. Trailers has a Full-Tilt Deck for loading and unloading shipping containers. Use a winch to haul containers onto the trailer. Roll the container off the trailer easily.

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shipping container hauler trailer

Unload your container with winch or simply drive out from under it. Video provided courtesy of ContainerOne.

Scissor Lift provides power to tilt this deck loaded with a container.

container Hauler trailer

Available with 30K or 25K Gooseneck Couplers, 10,000 or 12,000 lb axles

container hauler loaded with container

Load and unload containers with the optional winch.

custom container trailer with gas engine

Customize your trailer with gas engine for power, 15k axles, deck rollers, winch, other options available.

LoneStar Trailers makes the highest quality shipping container trailer in the industry. With a full 40 ft. tilting deck, loading and unloading containers is much easier and doesn’t require a crane. These trailers are fully customizeable. Each of our 8 locations have the standard models in stock with either 10K or 12K axles. Many custom features can be ordered including a winch, deck rollers, gas engines mounted on the gooseneck to provide a reliable source of power so you never have to worry about your batteries being charged. Additional tool boxes and other accessories can also be added.

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