About Car Trailers

Car Haulers, Buggy Haulers, Race Trailers, whatever you call them, storage yards to body shops, car restoration shops, or racing folks, a quality car trailer is essential to running the business and moving your vehicle safely.

These kinds of trailers also represent a significant investment, which means you should receive the best of the best. Nationwide Trailers is not only the biggest seller of PJ Trailer products in the United States, but we also carry several other well-known quality trailer brands like Spartan Enclosed Car Trailers and customized racing trailers, LoneStar Car Trailers and Racing Trailers, LoneStar SST Sport Haulers, and of course custom designed and built trailers.

Our car trailers can be found with features such as steel drive-over fenders, winch packages, blackwood decks, D Rings and Steel floors with multiple tie-down holes for J-Hooks.

Trust our experts to find the best option for your needs.

Benefits of Car Trailers

Renting a car trailer can add additional costs including time delays. There is also the problem of availablity of rental car trailer on short notice. Instead, you can cut out the middleman by owning your own car trailer, which will quickly repay its value.

You can connect our available trailers to most pickup trucks and other vehicles for convenient access. They come with either bumperpull or gooseneck designs. Additionally, they offer plenty of room, a streamlined design, and ease of use to make car loading and unloading quick and efficient. Most have ramps and dovetail decks to make loading easy. Due to our multiple available specs, you can use one of the many inventory models to accommodate various quantities, weights, and styles.

Selecting a trailer from our reliable manufacturers like PJ Trailers or LoneStar guarantees tough steel-frame construction, sturdy welding and joints, high-strength suspension and much more. Other quality car trailers include Spartan and Compass Enclosed Trailers and BCI Trailers.

car haulers pj trailers for sale in texas, tulsa, and cabot arkansas

Open Car Trailers

Nationwide Trailers stocks several makes and models of open car trailers at each of our 8 locations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Examples below include features like Blackwood Pro deck or Diamond Plate steel floors.

Tan trailer with Blackwood

PJ Trailers B5 with drive-over fenders and Blackwood Pro Deck.

Red car hauler
Lonestar car hauler

Enclosed Car Trailers

Many specialty vehicles, race cars, or show cars should be carried in an enclosed trailer for protection from weather and road hazards. We have enclosed cargo trailers build for carrying vehicles. We also have race trailers with fully finished interiors featuring air conditioning, cabinets and tool boxes built in, rubber floors, and other helpful accessories.

Spartan Race Trailer
Enclosed trailer with storage
The inside of an enclosed trailer

Types of Car Trailers

You can find a trailer that fits the mold for practically any vehicle transportation goal, and we’ll make the process as accessible and stress-free as possible. Some of the vital qualities of our trailers that you’ll need to consider include:

  • Sizes: Do you want a 20-foot trailer to transport a personal car or smaller equipment for short distances? Do you need a massive, 48-foot wedge hauler for serious car moving operations? Either way, we offer various lengths to get the job done, as well as super-wide options that fit common vehicles and more exotic ones.
  • Open or Enclosed: Depending on the type of cars you want to transport you can choose from open car trailers or enclosed trailer models. The enclosed trailer options offer more protection for the vehicle.
  • GVWR: You’ll need to have a good idea of the usual weight loads your trailer must endure. The gross vehicle weight rating specifies the maximum operating mass of any trailer, and we have options that can support up to 21,000 pounds.
  • Tails: You can even select the kind of loading ramp your trailer utilizes. Dovetails, which feature separate wheel guides in various widths, usually help with smoother, more controlled loading and unloading procedures. Other car haulers feature stand-up ramps, or slide-in varities.
  • Towing methods: Choose between gooseneck and bumper-pull car trailers to suit your towing vehicle. Goosenecks offer superior stability thanks to their reinforced couplings, and they also give tighter turn radiuses. Bumper pulls can be light, inexpensive and versatile, making them ideal for general-purpose applications.

Customize Your Trailer

If you go through our options and find yourself looking for something more, our experts will take the extra time to ensure your satisfaction.
We routinely design and build custom trailers, and we will spec your prospective trailer so it perfectly matches your requirements.

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We believe in offering superior customer service, high-quality products and competitive pricing. You can trust Nationwide Trailers to supply your next car trailer. Feel free to contact us today.