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Goosneck trailer with 3 ramps

With many types of Hotshot trailers available at NationWide Trailers, here is some helpful information about the different sizes and styles of Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers for the Hotshot industry. PJ Trailers has established their name as the leading manufacturer of premium gooseneck trailers for the hotshot industry. Hot shot truckers need reliability, durability, comfort, and versatility. PJ Trailers created a guide that allows customers to design a hot shot trailer that is ideally suited for any particular needs, allowing customer to select the most important specifications & options. We have Hotshot Trailers for sale in Houston, Pasadena, Odessa, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth Texas, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK, Cabot Arkansas, and Kansas City, MO.

three gooseneck trailers

Deck on the Neck

We know every business is unique, and you want a trailer that matches the types of vehicles, equipment and loads you transport. You may have an existing trailer that’s getting old, and you’d like an exact replacement. In other cases, you may want a new trailer that combines certain features and capacities you can’t find in other gooseneck trailers. That’s where we come in.

Many of the gooseneck trailers we have in stock at Nationwide Trailers feature the deck on the neck. The PJ Trailers deck on the neck option turns an area that is typically wasted into highly usable deck space. A Deck on the Neck option is used for hauling many things including attachments, tools, bales, and cargo on pallets. It is also used on some hot-shot trailers since it allows the driver to carry additional cargo. We also now offer a removable deck on the neck.

Shipping Container Hauler Full Tilt Trailers

Here are just a few of the Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers built by Nationwide Trailers. We will build your trailer with any features you need to get the job done efficiently.

Start by browsing our catalog of trailers for sale. Many of our customers find exactly what they’re looking for in our vast selection. That’s because we have spent years learning about the types of trailers our customers want, such as:

  • Load capacity: Choose your gooseneck trailer with the max load rating that allows you to tow all of your heaviest equipment and loads.
  • Quality: Our quality trailers for sale will give you years of reliable use and still retain their value when it’s time to upgrade them to a newer model.
  • Features: We include all of the best frame, suspension, axle, wheel, hydraulics and electrical features and options you need to make your trailering easier.
  • Value: With extra load capacity built into every trailer, you get more bang for your buck and benefit from a value-packed gooseneck trailer that saves your business money.
Large Red LoneStar tilt traile
Black tilt trailer

It’s easy to see how Nationwide Trailers has become one of the fastest-growing trailer companies in the country. Watch as we continue our expansion beyond Texas and Arkansas into other regions of the U.S. to offer our customers even more options for all of their trailer needs. You can browse our online selection of gooseneck trailers and compare the various features, including deck on the neck trailers that make use of space that is commonly wasted above the neck.
Start hauling smarter with a quality gooseneck trailer from Nationwide Trailers and save time, effort and money by carrying more with each load. You will also benefit from top-quality materials and construction that mean less downtime and lower maintenance costs. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you. Find out why they’re all switching to Nationwide Trailers!

Nationwide Trailers has a huge selection of gooseneck flatbed trailers in stock. Visit one of our 5 locations in Texas.

Need Trailer Financing? Contact us We can help you secure financing through one our lenders.

Low Pro with Monster Ramps

The five Nationwide Trailers locations carry a large inventory of Flatbeds. We tailor our stock for each location so we have the trailers and features that our customers in that region need. In Houston we have a lot of Hotshot drivers so we stock flatbeds that are best suited for the Hotshot business with features like Electric/Hydrulic Brakes and 25,900 GVWR ratings. Proximity to the Ship Channel means many customers need container haulers. These tilts, are made for hauling shipping containers. Our design for these is unique in industry. Odessa serves the oil & gas drilling industry so we stock a good selection of Oilfield Trailers.

Gooseneck trailers

Huge Inventory of Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailer

40 Foot Hotshot Trailers

Regardless of whether you need a 20 foot equipment trailer or a 53 foot Stepdeck Nationwide Trailers has it, can get it, or will build it for you. We have New and Used Flatbed Gooseneck trailers for sale. The used flatbed trailers change often so always check with us regularly.

Simply browse our online inventor40 ft Hotshot Trailer y or contact our team to discuss your trailer needs. Tell us which model of gooseneck trailer is suitable, and we can take care of any additions or modifications you require. We’re proud to be the trailer leader in Texas and are continuing our expansion into Arkansas, Oklahoma, and beyond. Join our growing list of satisfied customers who have found the perfect gooseneck trailer for sale here at Nationwide Trailers!

Flatbed Gooseneck with White Powdercoat