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With many types of Hotshot trailers available at NationWide Trailers, here is some helpful information about the different sizes and styles of Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers for the Hotshot industry. PJ Trailers has established their name as the leading manufacturer of premium gooseneck trailers for the hotshot industry. Hot shot truckers need reliability, durability, comfort, and versatility. PJ Trailers created a guide that allows customers to design a hot shot trailer that is ideally suited for any particular needs, allowing customer to select the most important specifications & options. We have Hotshot Trailers for sale in Houston, Pasadena, Odessa, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth Texas, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Cabot, Arkansas, and Kansas City, MO.

Large black dump trailer

Trailer Lengths

By far the most common length for gooseneck hot shot trailers is 40 Ft. On a PJ Gooseneck this gives you a total length of 49 feet. Longer trailers might give you the ability to haul more freight, but can be restrictive depending on the state laws.

Large black dump trailer

Deck Heights

Deckover Hot Shot Trailers
Hotshot drivers that want tandem dual running gear and a full 102″ deck will need a deckover trailer. PJ models include the FD, LD, & SD models. PJ makes a low profile, Low Pro gooseneck with a 33″ deck height (LD model). The low profile uses a pierce beam design to run crossmembers through the main frame of the trailer dropping the deck height around 5 inches. Our standard flatdeck with duals has a 38″ deck height and is also ideal for hot shot trailers.

Large black dump trailer

Low Boy Hot Shot Trailers

Some operators want their trailer to be as low as possible and opt for a single wheel “low boy” style trailer ( C8 & B8 models). These trailers have a 28″ deck height with a 83″ wide deck (C8) and 102″ wide deck with drive over fenders (B8). These trailers offer a lower center of gravity, can haul low clearance vehicles, and can haul taller loads. Tradeoffs include “tire scrubbing” when making tight turns on triple axle trailers. Also, since the trailer has fenders it can limit the types of equipment and cargo than can be hauled.