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Nationwide Trailers is proud to offer PJ Trailer’s products in our 5 locations across Texas.

Established in 1991, PJ Trailers has become the premier trailer manufacturer in North America. The PJ Trailer brand is synonymous with high-end, superbly constructed trailers. PJ Trailers manufactures Flatdecks, Deckovers, Tilts, Dumps, Carhaulers, & Utilities.

More reasons to choose PJ Trailers:
Our trailers are equipped with premium components and feature:

  • #1 Professional Grade, Open Trailer Manufacturer
  • 3-year frame warranty
  • Premium components like Bargman plugs, Bulldog couplers, Dexter Axle
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Gooseneck Hot Shot Trailer

Gooseneck Hotshot Trailers

PJ Trailers is known for building premium gooseneck trailers for the hotshot industry. Hot shot truckers have increased needs for reliability, durability, comfort, and versatility. PJ Trailers created a guide for customers designing their next hot shot trailer that outlines the most popular specifications & options.

Deckover Hot Shot Trailers

If you want tandem dual running gear and a full 102″ deck you will need a deckover trailer that include the FD, LD, & SD models. PJ makes a low profile gooseneck with a 33″ deck height (LD model). The low profile uses a pierce beam design to run cross-members through the main frame of the trailer dropping the deck height around 5 inches. Our standard flatdeck with duals has a 38″ deck height and is still very popular for hot shot trailers.

Large black dump trailer

Deck Heights

Deckover Hot Shot Trailers
Hotshot drivers that want tandem dual running gear and a full 102″ deck will need a deckover trailer. PJ models include the FD, LD, & SD models. PJ makes a low profile, Low Pro gooseneck with a 33″ deck height (LD model). The low profile uses a pierce beam design to run crossmembers through the main frame of the trailer dropping the deck height around 5 inches. Our standard flatdeck with duals has a 38″ deck height and is also ideal for hot shot trailers.

Large black dump trailer

Low Boy Hot Shot Trailers

Some operators want their trailer to be as low as possible and opt for a single wheel “low boy” style trailer ( C8 & B8 models). These trailers have a 28″ deck height with a 83″ wide deck (C8) and 102″ wide deck with drive over fenders (B8). These trailers offer a lower center of gravity, can haul low clearance vehicles, and can haul taller loads. Tradeoffs include “tire scrubbing” when making tight turns on triple axle trailers. Also, since the trailer has fenders it can limit the types of equipment and cargo than can be hauled.

Axle Ratings

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Axle Ratings

One of the most important decisions you will make when ordering your hot shot trailer is the axle rating. Our most popular axle rating is 12,000 lbs with axles available in 10k, 12k, & 15k ratings. We also have some hot shot customers that opt for triple 7k or 8k axles on a “low-boy” style gooseneck ( C8 & B8 models).

Brake Options

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Electric Brakes

The vast majority of 10-15 ton trailers use electric brakes and they work well trailers used in low-medium mileage applications in areas with flat terrain. For high mileage applications, most dealers will recommend hydraulic disc brakes. We typically do not recommend standard electric trailer brakes for hot shot trailers.

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Electric over Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Due to the high miles and varying topography hot shot trailers see, we believe electric over hydraulic disc brakes are the only way to go.

Electric over hydraulic brakes use your typical electric brake controller to control a hydraulic disc brake system that resides solely on the trailer. Hydraulic disc brakes will stop faster, last longer, and are cheaper to maintain for high mileage trailers. All of our axles from 7k to 12k can be ordered with hydraulic disc brakes with hydraulic drums available on 15k axles.

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Air Brakes

One major advantage of air brakes is that if you ever have a leak or break in the air line, the brakes activate bringing you to a safe stop. Unlike electric over hydraulic disc brakes, the air brakes require an air supply from the tow vehicle. Air brakes are available on 10, 12k, & 15k axles.

Suspension Options

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Spring Suspension

The most common suspension choice for hot shot trailers is your typical leaf spring with equalizer suspension. The leaf spring suspension is very durable, requires minimal maintenance, and is the most affordable suspension choice.

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Hutch Suspension

The Hutch 9700 suspension has become quite popular on hotshot and oilfield trailers. The Hutch suspension is more durable than your typical spring suspension offering torque arms allowing for adjustment, million mile bushings, and maintenance free hub fasteners.

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Air Suspension

We also offer air ride suspension on our hot shot trailers. The air ride suspension makes for a smoother ride for the driver and the cargo. With air ride you can also raise and lower the deck of the trailer for loading & unloading. Air ride also gives you the ability order the lift axle option to reduce tire wear and save on tolls when hauling empty.

Deck Options

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Blackwood Rubber Infused Lumber

Blackwood is a wooden lumber product with a rubber insert that is infused throughout the center of the board. Blackwood solves several age old trailer lumber problems.

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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir makes excellent trailer decking as it’s known for being very dimensionally stable, strong, & having good rot resistance.

Large black dump trailer

Rough Oak Floor

Rough oak floor is our most durable floor option. We always recommend using rough oak for any trailer that will be hauling steel tracked vehicles.

Dovetail Options

Large black dump trailer

Monster Ramps

Monster Ramps gives you excellent versatility for loading vehicles/equipment in varying widths. Cargo can be stored on top of the ramps. Ramps are spring assisted to help raise them from both the deck and ground.

Large black dump trailer

Power Tail

This is a 94″ wide tail that is hydraulically powered up & down. This back saving design makes prepping the trailer to be loaded/unloaded as easy as possible. The tail rotates a full 180 degrees to lay flush to the deck of the trailer, allowing cargo to be loaded on top of the tail.

Large black dump trailer

Center Pop-up Dovetail

The center pop-up gives you the ability to use your dovetail to load equipment, then raise the center pop-up platform to store cargo (bales, pallets, etc). The ramps are spring assisted to help raise them from the ground.

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Straight Deck with 8′ Slide-in Ramps

Our straight deck with slide-in ramps includes two 8 ft ramps that slide in ramp holders from the rear of the bumper. The load angle with these ramps 20° & 23° for the LD & FD respectively. One thing to keep in mind is that these ramps will not be suitable for loading equipment or vehicles over 9000 lbs.

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Hydraulic Dovetail

The hydraulic dovetail uses hydraulic power to raise and lower the tail at the touch of a button. The load angle for the tail is 15 degrees for the LY and 17 degrees for the FY. The dovetail has 10,000 lbs lift capacity and 4,000 lbs hauling capacity from the center of the tail towards the axle.

Jack Options

Large black dump trailer

Jost Jacks

Jost jacks have quickly become one of the most popular two speed trailer jacks for hot shotters. They have a patented internal gear box that protects the gearing from abuse and minimizes water intrusion. They have a 50k lifting capacity per pair, spring loaded drop legs, and a 5 year warranty.

Large black dump trailer

Two Speed Bulldog Jacks

Our two speed Bulldog jacks make cranking loads both faster and easier. They have a 10k lift capacity and 12k static capacity per jack. The also include a spring loaded drop legs for easy retraction.

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Hydraulic Monster Jacks

The ultimate jack setup for a hotshot trailer is our hydraulic jack system. These jacks make raising and lowering your trailer as simple as pressing a button. Hydraulic jacks save you valuable time and energy. The entire system runs from a KTI pump, powered by an Interstate Deep Cycle battery.

Toolboxes & Storage

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Gooseneck Riser Toolbox

Offers additional storage for chains, straps, binders, gloves, and more in an area that is typically wasted. The Box faces the rear of the gooseneck and is accessible from the trailer deck.

Large black dump trailer

Side Mount Toolbox

Side mount toolboxes offer excellent storage that can be locked. The boxes are sealed and available in 45″ and 72″ widths.