Choosing the Perfect Trailer in Des Moines, Iowa: A Buyer’s Guide for Every Need

In the dynamic world of cargo mobility solutions, a reliable trailer like a PJ Trailer can be more than just a hauled asset. Especially in Des Moines, Iowa, it can be a lifeline to your business, an extension of your personal adventures, or the powerhouse behind your local events. Each unique need warrants an equally unique choice in the type of trailer you select. Whether you’re a business owner in Des Moines looking to expand your fleet with a durable PJ Trailer, a first-time buyer searching for the right travel companion, or an experienced trailer enthusiast seeking your next upgrade, this guide will serve as your compass — demystifying the art of trailer selection and ensuring that your investment is as tailored as the end you hope to achieve.

Nationwide Trailers, the #1 PJ Trailers dealer in the USA, and our location in Des Moines, Iowa, is here to offer a comprehensive guide that demystifies the art of trailer selection and ensures that your investment is as tailored as the end you hope to achieve.

Understanding Your Requirements

Before the wheels hit the road in Des Moines, take stock of your needs. Are you transporting personal items, livestock, or monumental machinery across Iowa or beyond? The scope of your endeavor will shape the direction of your PJ Trailer search. Assess not just the size and weight of your loads but also the frequency and distance of travel. Each aspect directly corresponds to the trailer’s build, customizability, and overall durability. If your operation spans several sectors like construction, agriculture, and local service in Des Moines, a versatile PJ flatbed trailer might be the jack of all trades you require. However, if you’re a weekend camper, a cozy enclosed PJ Trailer may fit the bill for cross-state excursions.

Types of Trailers Available in Des Moines

Here’s where you home in on the nitty-gritty of your quest. From the utility trailers that are the backbone of most businesses in Iowa to the glitz and glamour of RVs, the PJ Trailer market is as boundless as the cargo it carries.

  • Utility Trailers: These no-frills workhorses come in a variety of sizes and are open to virtually any kind of haulage, from landscaping supplies to vintage automobiles, perfect for the diverse needs of Des Moines residents.
  • Enclosed Trailers: The ‘safe-is-stylish’ of trailers, these provide a secure, weatherproof cocoon for everything from motorcycles to mobile offices, ideal for the unpredictable Iowa weather.
  • Flatbed Trailers: Built for bulk carrying oversized loads and constructed sturdily to withstand the torsions of weighty cargoes.

Each of these comes with a multitude of variations, making it crucial to match the subtler details like axles, couplers, and hitch types with your towing vehicle and your usage environment.

Key Features to Look for in a Trailer

A trailer is not defined by its type alone, but by the sum of its parts. When scrutinizing your shortlist, pay close attention to features that can make or break its usability.

  • Size and Weight Capacity: Size does matter, of course, and so does the capacity. These two aspects dictate whether your trailer can handle a cross-country move or a local day-into-day-out work grind.
  • Materials Matter: From the frame to the floor, the materials used not only affect weight but also the long-term maintenance. Rust-resistant alloys can add years to your trailer’s life, especially if you’re operating in more corrosive environments.
  • Customizability: Does the trailer come pre-fitted with the options you need? Ramps, winches, and specialized tie-downs can often be add-ons that streamline your operation. Consider if the trailer leaves room for modifications that might crucially adapt over time to your changing needs.

Budget Considerations

Set a budget that reflects a realistic tandem of affordability and quality. Remember that the initial price tag is not the end of the expense. Operation, insurance, and possible financing should all rate high in your pre-deciding economics.

  • A common rule of the thumb is to look at trailers that cost about 25 to 30 percent of what you expect to frequently convey on it.
  • Beware the bargain that’s too good to be true. It could be a past catalog of troubles repainted with a fresh quote.
  • Think forward about resale value. A high-quality, well-maintained trailer can become a sold commodity down the line.

Research and Compare PJ Trailers in Des Moines

This is the legwork of your decision-making process. Spend time online, sifting through manufacturer specs, and customer reviews.

  • Reputable brands often indicate consistent quality, and a broader product line offers you a spectrum of choices.
  • Spend time asking questions about the post-sales services and warranty. A good trailer relationship should last beyond just the purchase date.
  • Comparison tables can be your best friends in this phase. Look at not only the sticker price but the cost weighed against the features.

Making the Purchase

The time has come to close the deal, but the final stroke should be deliberate.

In the end, trust your instincts. After all, a trailer isn’t just another addition to your equipment pool or personal fleet. It’s a testament to readiness for what the road has to offer.


Selecting a PJ Trailer isn’t just a one-and-done process; it’s a partnership formed between you and your next mover or companion in Des Moines. From needing one to wanting one, the right PJ Trailer transforms from product to project, aligning with the momentum of your goals. Do it once, do it right — make your PJ Trailer the emblem of your enterprise, the guardian of your goods, and the envoy of your escapades in Des Moines, Iowa.

Are you ready to take the first step in trailer prowess? Shop with Nationwide Trailers for not just a purchase but a partnership. With a track record of excellence, a large selection of PJ Trailers, and an ethos of customer dedication, Nationwide ensures that your trailer experience is as smooth as the hauls you’ll make with it. Start smart, start strong, and choose Nationwide Trailers — the partner that propels you, wherever the road leads.


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