Introducing the Redesigned PJ LD Flatbed Trailer

PJ Trailers LD Flatbed Trailer with Duals
PJ Trailers LD Flatbed Trailer with Duals

As a leader in the trailer industry, PJ Trailers continually sets the bar high, and the latest LD model is no exception. This innovative PJ flatbed trailer is designed to meet the evolving needs of construction professionals, hotshot drivers, and heavy haulers.

2022 Brings Exciting Enhancements to the PJ LD Trailer

This year marks a significant leap in the design and functionality of the PJ gooseneck trailer, particularly the LD model. We’ve revamped standard features to boost both performance and visual appeal, setting a new standard in the trailer industry. Customization is a cornerstone of the PJ brand, and the LD model is no exception. You can personalize your LD trailer with a range of PJ options, creating a uniquely equipped trailer for your specific heavy hauling needs.

Join us on a detailed walkaround to explore the array of features and options available on the latest LD model. For a comprehensive list of available options, visit PJ Trailers.

Highlighting the New Features of the PJ LD Flatbed Trailer

  1. Formed ProBeam™ Gooseneck: The newly shaped ProBeam™ Gooseneck, a standout feature of the PJ gooseneck trailer, is engineered from a single piece of heavy-duty steel. This innovative design not only reduces weight but also redistributes stress points for enhanced durability.

  2. Demco EZ Latch Gooseneck Coupler: Embodying the essence of convenience and reliability, the Demco EZ Latch system is now encased in a custom-designed housing, making hitching up your PJ flatbed trailer faster and more efficient.

  3. TwistGuard™ Frame Design: This revolutionary design feature, standard on models 30′ and above (optional on shorter lengths), integrates T-shaped intersecting pipe supports to minimize frame twist and maximize torque control, setting a new benchmark for PJ gooseneck trailers.

  4. HDSS Adjustable Suspension: A game-changer in trailer longevity and performance, the HDSS Adjustable Suspension is not only maintenance-friendly but also allows for on-the-fly adjustments, a key feature for any PJ flatbed trailer.

  5. Retractable Monster Steps: These steps, designed for safety and convenience, neatly fold up and slide in, providing easy storage when not in use – a thoughtful addition to the PJ gooseneck trailer design.

  6. Monster Ramp Latches: Specially designed to reduce vibration and rattling during transit, these latches ensure a smoother and more secure journey for your cargo on the PJ flatbed trailer.


The PJ Low-Pro Flatdeck With Duals (LD) represents a pinnacle of engineering and design in the world of flatbed and gooseneck trailers. It’s not just a means of transportation; it’s a robust, reliable, and innovative solution for your heavy hauling needs.


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