Introducing the New Auxiliary Work Light Package from PJ Trailers

Nationwide Trailers, the largest volume dealer of PJ Trailers, is thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature that’s set to brighten your day (and night): The Auxiliary Work Light Package. As a leader in the trailer market, we’re committed to bringing you the best, and this addition from PJ Trailers is no exception.

Illuminate Your Work with Powerful LED Technology

This innovative package includes Dual Ultra-Bright 5-inch LED Articulating Flood Lights, each emitting a staggering 4500 lumens. These lights are designed to provide exceptional illumination, making loading, unloading, and night-time operations safer and more efficient.

Versatile Positioning for Optimal Lighting

The unique articulating design of these flood lights allows you to adjust their position for targeted lighting. This feature ensures that you can direct the light exactly where it’s needed on your trailer deck, enhancing visibility and reducing the risk of accidents.

Effortless Connectivity for Ease of Use

In keeping with our commitment to convenience, the Auxiliary Work Light Package is remarkably user-friendly. The lights draw power from the tow vehicle through the trailer’s 7-way plug, negating the need for additional power sources or complicated setups.

Built to Last

True to the quality standards of PJ Trailers and Nationwide Trailers, these lights are encased in e-coated aluminum for corrosion resistance and efficient heat dissipation. Their IP67 rating guarantees durability against water and dust, ensuring they can withstand diverse working environments.

Available Across Popular Models

This feature is not limited to a single model. It’s available on a range of PJ Trailers’ flatbed gooseneck models, including the LD, LS, LX, and LY, showcasing our commitment to providing versatile, high-quality solutions for our customers.

Elevate Your Trailer Experience

As the leading PJ Trailers dealership, Nationwide Trailers understands the importance of quality, innovation, and reliability. The Auxiliary Work Light Package is a reflection of these values and our dedication to enhancing your trailer experience.


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