PJ For A Cause – Supporting 25 Nonprofits Across North America!

PJ Trailers has recently unveiled the well-deserving recipients of the 2023 PJ For A Cause initiative, an inspiring program that underscores their commitment to supporting impactful nonprofit organizations. Nominations poured in from PJ dealers across the United States and Canada, shining a spotlight on those making a difference in their communities. Nationwide Trailers – Houston nominated our good friends at Houston Diesels because of the great work and immeasurable impact they have on the greater Houston community. Founded officially in 2015, Houston Diesels is not your typical club; it’s a tight-knit family with a shared love for diesel-powered vehicles and a profound commitment to community service. The club’s motto, “Faith-Family-Friends: Fueled by Diesel,” encapsulates the essence of what Houston Diesels stands for. They’re not just enthusiasts; they’re a force for good, extending their helping hands to those in need within the greater Houston community. The bond between Nationwide Trailers and Houston Diesels goes beyond a business connection; it’s a symbiotic relationship rooted in shared values and a common goal of making a positive impact in the Houston area. Collaborating, organizing, and sponsoring events, these two entities have become a dynamic duo, working together to amplify their efforts and contribute to the community they both call home. In a testament to the exceptional work of Houston Diesels, PJ Trailers selected them as one of the twenty-five recipients of the 2023 PJ For A Cause campaign. This acknowledgment not only highlights the club’s commitment to their community but also showcases the power of collaboration between organizations with shared values. We extend our gratitude to PJ Trailers for orchestrating this impactful event and congratulate Houston Diesels on their well-deserved recognition. As they continue to make waves in the Houston community, we eagerly anticipate the positive change that will undoubtedly unfold through their collective efforts.
Image courtesy of Houston Diesels

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