PJ Trailers Introduces Apex Lumber

A New Era of Durability and Strength

Nationwide Trailers is proud to present the latest innovation in trailer decking from PJ Trailers: Apex Fortified Lumber. As the leading PJ Trailers dealership, we are always seeking to offer our customers the best in durability, quality, and performance. Apex Lumber represents a significant leap forward in trailer decking technology.

Unmatched Durability for the Toughest Jobs

Apex Lumber is a thermally modified wood, treated at 400 degrees in an oxygen-free vacuum environment. This process significantly hardens the wood, ensuring that it can withstand the most challenging conditions. Ideal for heavy-duty use, this decking material is designed to take on every challenge with ease.

Superior Strength and Reliability

With a 30% increase in strength compared to traditional wood, Apex Lumber ensures your trailer can handle heavier loads and tougher tasks. It’s not just strong; it’s built to last.

Long-Lasting Performance

We understand that your trailer is an investment. That’s why Apex Lumber comes with a 3-year no shrink, warp, or bend warranty. This commitment to quality means you can count on your trailer floor to go the distance.

Protection from the Elements

Whether you’re facing extreme heat, cold, moisture, dryness, or even salt, Apex Lumber stands up to the challenge. Its fade-resistant and insect-repelling properties make it an ideal choice for those who demand the best for their equipment.

Available Across Various Models

Apex Lumber will be available soon on a wide range of PJ Trailers models, including Equipment, Deckover & Gooseneck, Car Hauler, and Tilt trailers. This versatility ensures that no matter your needs, there’s a trailer equipped with Apex Lumber ready for you! Contact your Nationwide trailer experts today for more information!


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