Timpte Aluminum Trailers Now Available

Timpte Aluminum Carhauler with White Sports Car

Timpte trailers stand out from their competitors because of their heavy-duty performance and user-friendly design. Loading vehicles and motorcycles on this aluminum trailer will be a breeze. Here at Nationwide Trailers, we have recently grown our impressive inventory by stocking Timpte aluminum trailers, offering our customers even more variety. 

Timpte Trailers Make All the Difference

Timpte trailers combine all the great properties of aluminum with Timpte’s innovative engineering to deliver these benefits:

  • Lower fuel consumption: Thanks to aluminum being a lightweight material, these car trailers are easy for your tow vehicle to haul, using less fuel and reducing expenses. 
  • Flexibility: Due to aluminum’s lightweight property, you can maneuver Timpte trailers efficiently, especially when you’re carrying automobiles. 
  • Durability: Timpte trailers are made with an aluminum alloy, resulting in a sturdy and robust trailer. That’s why these trailers have longer life spans and can endure demanding conditions. 
  • Low maintenance: Timpte trailers are easy to maintain since aluminum is resistant to rust. You can protect the trailer’s structural integrity and maintain its physical appearance with minimal maintenance. 
  • Compatibility: Because Timpte aluminum trailers are lighter, they put less strain on the tow vehicle, making them compatible with older vehicles that may have a lower capacity. 
  • Convenience: Timpte’s Motorsports series comes with the EZ Load Drop Deck torsion suspension system, letting you raise and lower the trailer at the flick of a switch for easy loading of equipment.

Timpe trailers can streamline your transportation process, saving you time and money as you speed up the loading and unloading process and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

What Can You Use Timpte Aluminum Trailers for?

The unique features of Timpte aluminum trailers make them ideal for automotive transportation. Whether you own a car dealership or run a logistics company, Timpte’s Motorsports series will serve your fleet well. These trailers allow you to load equipment without needing much ground clearance, which is perfect for carrying sportscars, motorcycles, scissor lifts and more. 

Why Get Your Timpte Trailer From Nationwide Trailers?

When you come to Nationwide Trailers for help, you will walk out with the ideal trailer to suit your industry’s unique needs. We will ensure you get a trailer equipped to handle your demands. You can also expect additional benefits when you work with us, including: 

  • Excellent customer service: Our friendly sales staff will do everything they can to give you a pleasant customer experience. 
  • Expert assistance: We have a team of experts with the necessary skills and knowledge to help our customers choose the right trailer. 
  • Reputable brands: Our inventory includes equipment trailers from trusted brands, such as Timpte, because we want our customers to have the best quality trailers. 
  • Large inventory: We have a large inventory of trailers that provides our customers with more options and lets them find the right one for their application. 

Request a Quote for Your Timpte Aluminum Trailer

Ready to be the proud owner of a Timpte aluminum trailer? Contact us to request a quick quote, and our sales team will get the process started. 


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