Black Powder Coat


We offer Black Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams as our standard color on all PJ models at all PJ plants.

Black is by far our most popular color choice and makes up over 90% of our production.

Large gooseneck trailers
Black metal trailer from PJ Trailers
Black dump trailer

Equipment Yellow Powder Coat

We offer Equipment Yellow Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams on all PJ models at all PJ plants.

Yellow dump trailer with gate
PJ dump trailer at a construction site

White Powder Coat


We now offer White Powder Coat on all PJ models at all plants.

Other Colors

  • Tractor Orange
  • Tractor Green
  • Equipment Yellow
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Desert Tan
White gooseneck trailer- PJ Trailers
White trailer from PJ Trailers

Grey Powder Coat

We offer Grey Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams on all PJ models at all PJ plants.

PJ Trailers gray gooseneck trailer
gray trailer with Gooseneck

Red Powder Coat

We offer Red Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams on all PJ models at all PJ plants.

Red dump trailer with gooseneck
Red dump trailer
PJ Trailers red trailer with gooseneck
Red trailer with gooseneck
large red trailer from PJ Trailers

Desert Tan Powder Coat

We offer Desert Tan Powder Coat by Sherwin-Williams on all PJ models at all PJ plants.

Desert Tan trailer
Monster ramps on industrial trailer
Tan industrial trailer

Tractor Green Powder Coat

We offer Tractor Green Powder Coat on all PJ models.

Hot Shot Trailer
Green PJ Trailer with a gooseneck
Close up of green trailer bed
Green trailer with monster ramps

Tractor Orange Powder Coat

We offer Tractor Orange Powder Coat on all PJ models including; most Flatdecks, Dumps, Car Haulers, and Tilts.

V neck orange trailer
Orange trailer with ramps from PJ Trailers
Orange PJ Trailers Trailer

Trailer Color Options

Whether you’re trying to match a truck, your company colors, or you just prefer a certain style, having trailer color options matters. At Nationwide Trailers, we offer a range of trailer color options to choose from.

Since 2009, we’ve been serving logistics companies, independent and general contractors, equipment companies, landscape companies, farmers, ranchers and others. We provide you with outstanding service and a huge inventory of trailers that gives you the options you need — trailer color options included.

If you’re in the market for a new trailer, explore your color options at Nationwide Trailers. If you have any questions about our selection or if you need additional support as you browse our inventory, contact us at any time.

Find the Perfect Trailer Color

If you visit some trailer providers, you’ll find only a limited number of standard colors. At Nationwide Trailers, we offer standard and popular trailer color options so you can find the ideal color for your trailer.
Our color offerings from PJ Trailers include:

  • Black powder coat: Black powder coat by Sherwin-Williams is the most popular trailer color. This color makes up about 90% of our trailer production
  • White powder coat: This is one of our newer color offerings. While many prefer black for its versatility, many want a white trailer for the same reason.
  • Grey powder coat: This neutral gray color is also popular among many of our customers.
  • Red powder coat: For something a little brighter, consider choosing our red powder coat — which brings a pop of vibrant color to any trailer.
  • Desert tan powder coat: Our desert tan powder coat blends right into the landscape at many quarries and when traveling through Southwestern-style landscapes.
  • Tractor orange powder coat: Tractor orange powder coat is a popular selection for anyone who’s looking for flatdecks, dumps, car haulers and tilts.

Other trailer brands like Lonestar Trailers, East Texas Trailers, and X-On offer a range of paint color options:

Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Candy Apple Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, White, Tan, Silver, Charcoal Gray, Gray, and even Two-Tone paint. 

No Paint: One of our newest products are galvanized trailers. The color is a medium gray color but it’s not paint so that’s the only option. The benefit is that there is no chipping, scratching, or rust.

Have questions about our trailer color options, and which would work best for you? We’re always here to answer them. Get in touch with the Nationwide Trailers team for customer support and assistance.

Are You Ready to Explore Your Trailer Color Options?

With locations in Houston, Pasadena, Odessa, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Tulsa and Little Rock, Nationwide Trailers is here to meet your needs with a huge selection and outstanding customer service. We offer a range of trailer types and various trailer color options so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. Our customers typically have unique challenges or issues, and they are searching for trailers that can deliver solutions. Our specialty is connecting those customers with the ideal trailers to meet their needs and solve their unique problems.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you need help while browsing your trailer color options.