Dovetails, Gates, & Ramps

Side Mount Dump Ramps

We offer optional ramps on a our 60′ Utility Dump (D5) trailer. These ramps are great for loading equipment like ATVs, mowers, and other small vehicles into your dump bed.

The ramps are stored on the side of the dump bed over the fenders.

  • Available on D5 dump model
  • Option Code: R

4 ft Monster Ramps

Everybody loves our 5 ft Monster Ramps so we created 4 ft Monster Ramps for our deckover trailer line. Monster Ramps give you an ultra-wide ramp width and platform to load equipment and store flat to the deck when not in use. The ramps are spring assisted when lifting from the deck and from the ground, making them easy to handle. Monster Ramps are much safer than your typical 16-18′ wide gooseneck ramp and give the driver/operator increased confidence when loading in wet weather.

  • Available on 8′ I-Beam Deckover (F8)
  • 41′ Wide x 48′ Tall
  • Double Hinge Ramps Fold Flat for Full Width Deck
  • Includes Two Handles Per Ramp For Easy Lifting
  • Includes Diamond Plate Ramp Bottoms
  • Includes Ramp Support Arms to Pin Ramps to Deck or In Upright Position
  • Tail Code: Y

Rear Slide-in Ramps

Rear slide in ramps are one of the most convenient ramp options for our car and buggy hauler trailers. No longer will you have to remove a ramp from the side of the trailer and carry it to the rear bumper. You simply open the rear ramp doors, slide your ramp out, and place it on the ramp support bar.

Note: Rear Slide-in Ramps on CC w/ a 2 ft dovetail pictured below

Expanded Metal Traction Plates

We offer expanded metal traction plates on our hydraulic dovetail models. The plates cover the outside deck of the hydraulic dovetail increasing your traction.
Available on FY, LY, & SY models, option code: R.

1 x 1 Angle Traction Bars

These 1′ x 1′ angle traction bars are welded to the rear of the trailer tail.
The bars significantly increase traction in wet and icy conditions.
Available on FY, LY, SY, T6, T7, T8, T9, TD, & TF models.

Straight Deck w/ 8′ Slide-in Ramps

Our straight deck with slide-in ramps includes two 8 ft ramps that slide in ramp holders from the rear of the bumper.
The load angle with these ramps 20′ & 23′ for the LD & FD respectively. This is the standard tail option for the FS, FD, & LD models.

5′ Dovetail with Three Ramps

The 5′ dovetail with three flipover ramps has been a popular choice for farmers. Three ramps make stacking round bales of hay possible and also allows you to easily load tricycle tractors. The photos below shows the ramps with the ramp support arm option (option code: z).

Power Tail (Patent Pending)

The Power Tail (patent pending) is a hydraulic powered trailer tail that replaces typical trailer ramps with a 100% powered ramp system. This allows you to make the trailer ready to load and unload at the touch of a button. The tail rotates a full 180 degrees to serve both as a tail for loading and deck for storing cargo.
The PJ Power Tail is easier, safer, faster, and more reasonably priced than anything else on the market. Never Lift Another RampGone are the days of physically flipping multiple ramps then carefully adjusting their position to load your equipment. With the touch of a button you will be able to quickly raise and lower the entire tail, saving your back and your time

Tail Lays Flat to Extend the Deck

In the closed position the tail is completely flat, allowing equipment & cargo to be loaded on top of the diamond plate on the Power Tail. This also reduces wind drag significantly compared to stand-up ramps. power-tail-small

Confidence Inspiring & Safe

The super wide Power Tail gives you the confidence to load and unload equipment without the fear of missing a ramp. The angle cross-members are used on both the dovetail and Power Tail to maximize traction in all-weather situations. Also, the knife edge tail eliminates the initial “bump” when loading that can cause wheel spin.

Shorter and Lighter

Since the tail folds flush to the deck, you don’t have to worry about the 4-5 ft of tail overhang that is common on hydraulic dovetails. This fold-over tail and single cylinder design keep the Power Tail short and relatively light to maximize payload capacity. This allows the Power Tail to be installed on short 14k single wheel goosenecks (20 feet) all the way up to triple axle stepdeck trailers as long as 53 feet.

Smart & Highly Efficient Design

The Power Tail (patent pending) uses a single hydraulic cylinder to rotate the tail a full 180 degrees. This ingenious tail design is very mechanically efficient, using just a few moving parts with no wasted movement. This greatly reduces the overall cost and weight of the Power Tail.

Other benefits

  • Self-cleaning angle dovetail & tail allows dirt to easily pass through
  • Knife-edge tail eases the loading of small wheeled/low clearance vehicles & equipment
  • Heavy duty tail built for loading heavy equipment
  • Diamond plate tail cover offers snag-free platform for cargo
  • Includes self-contained KTI hydraulic pump system with wired remote (wireless remote available)
  • Tail is spring assisted for smooth operation
  • Faster than hydraulic dovetail
  • Quieter than flip-over ramps (stops ramp bounce)
  • Includes ramp support arms for upright storage
  • Tail evenly distributes weight when loading, preventing the tail from “burying up” or damaging turf
  • Includes an integrated flush-mount 110v battery charger to plug into wall outlet
  • Works with all available suspension choices (Air, Torsion, Spring, Hutch)
  • Power Tail Specs
  • Models Available: FS, LS, FD, LD, & SD
  • Tail footprint: 72′ long x 94′ wide tail footprint
  • Tail cover material: 11 gauge diamond plate
  • Cross-members: 2′ x 2′ x 3/16′ angle
  • Ramp Gussets: 10 gauge formed steel
  • Total Estimated Weight of Power Tail Option: 1100 lbs (includes tail, box, cylinder, battery, etc)

Center Pop-up Dovetail

The center pop-up dovetail has become one of the most popular dovetail options on gooseneck and tag trailers. The center pop-up gives you the ability to use your dovetail to load equipment, then raise the center pop-up platform to store cargo (bales, pallets, etc).

Center Pop-up Dovetail Features

  • Converts angled dovetail to flat deck
  • Center pop-up is spring loaded to make lifting easy
  • Pop-up lowers for loading equipment and raises for positioning cargo over tail
  • Ramps are spring assisted for easy lifting from the ground
  • Pop-up includes grease zerks for years of easy operation
  • Diamond plate ramp bottoms are standard
  • Available on FS, FD, LD, & SD models
  • Also see our Monster Ramp option for similar functionality

4 ft Dovetail w/ Flip Over Ramps

Our 4ft dovetail w/ flip over ramps give you all the loading benefits of a dovetail and the ability to load cargo (bales, pallets, etc) on the ramps. The ramps are spring assisted which makes them extremely easy to flip over. The 4 ft tail gives you increased rear bumper clearance over the 5 ft dovetail.


  • New 4 ft tail gives increase ground clearance
  • Spring Assisted Ramps
  • Ramps flip over to lay flat on deck to load secured cargo on
  • Self cleaning, high traction dove tail
  • Ramp Dimensions: 21′ wide x 50′ long
  • Ramps are double hinged
  • 4′ x 8′ tube rear bumper to protect lights
  • Available in both 2 and 3 ramp versions
  • Available on 8′ I-beam Deckover (F8) only

Note: Only the rear of the ramp touches the ground during loading (not the full ramp bottom)

Dump Side Gate

Dump Side Gate A great option for our 83′ wide dump trailer is a dump side gate. This option allows you to load and unload material from a side door located in front of the axles.
This door makes for easy access when shoveling out dirt/aggregate in the front of the bed. With a 49′ wide opening it also gives you the ability to side load pallets.

Dump Side Gate Features

  • Gate opening is 49′ wide for side-loading pallets, sod, large rocks, mulch bags, etc…
  • Ramp support bar for side loading small ATVs w/ rear ramps
  • Side gate can be mounted on the driver side, passenger side, or both sides
  • Gate hinges include grease zerks for years of easy operation
  • Available on D7 & D9 dump models

Dump Landscape Gate

We offer a landscape gate on our 83′ wide dump trailers (D7, D9, DJ, & DL). This gate allows you to load equipment in widths up to 83′ and also use the gate to spread small aggregate.

  • Fits D7, D9, DJ, & DL dump trailers
  • Gate measures 86.5′ wide x 62′ long
  • Gate includes handles and is spring assisted to help lifting and lowering
  • Gate allows you to load vehicles of varying widths
  • Can also be used a spreader gate
  • 2′ x 2′ square tube for ramp section of gate and outside frame
  • 1×1 angle cross-members on gate for traction
  • Gate requires heavy lifting
  • When ordered with dump landscape gate, trailer does not receive ramps.

Heavy Duty Ramps

Heavy Duty Ramps Features

  • H-D® Ramps are 31′ width x 66′ long
  • 31′ wide ramps allows you to load equipment of varying widths and increases safety when loading
  • Available with a straight, 2 foot, or 4 foot dovetail on most models
  • Includes adjustable ramp legs and ramp support arms
  • Ramps are spring assisted for easy lifting and lowering (see photo below)
  • Ramps feature channel construction covered in expanded metal
  • Available on CC, C8, B6, B8, P7, P8, L6, and F8 models


  • Note: H-D® Ramps pictured on B6 below

Heavy Duty Gate

Heavy Duty Gate Features

  • Heavy duty ramp gate covers entire width of deck
  • Makes loading equipment safer by reducing the chance to drive off a ramp
  • Available with a straight, 2 foot, or 4 foot dovetail
  • Includes adjustable ramp legs, handles, and ramp support arms
  • Ramp gate is spring assisted for easy lifting and lowering (see photo below)
  • Built from square tube, angle, and channel
  • Available in 77′, 83′, and 94′ widths
  • Available on C4, C5, CC, B5, B6, B8, P7, P8, L6, F8, U7, and U8 Models

Note: Gate for 102′ model (B5, B6, B8) pictured to the right

Rolling Tailboard

Our rolling tailboard is an excellent option for loading and unloading pipe, lumber, pallets, skids, and containers. The roller pipe has a 4 5/8′ outside diameter and the brackets are made of 1/2′ steel.

  • 4 5/8′ outside diameter
  • 1/2′ plasma cut steel brackets
  • Sealed bearings with grease zerk
  • Roller pipe width is 91′
  • Available with the straight deck tail only on the FD, LD, and FS models
  • Dealer option code: -RL01

5ft Dovetail with Monster Ramps

Do you have a wide variety of equipment you want to load without sliding ramps? From skid steers to tricycle tractors, our Monster Ramps make loading your equipment with a narrow wheel base simple and safe.

  • Available on FS, LS, FD, SD, & LD Models
  • Ramps Are Spring Assisted Lifting from Deck and Ground (2 springs lift from deck / 3 springs lift from ground)
  • Ramp Size: 44′ Wide x 60′ Long
  • Double Hinge Ramps Fold Flat for Full Width Deck (Great for Hauling Hay, Pipe, Lumber, etc…)
  • Includes Two Handles Per Ramp For Easy Lifting
  • Includes Diamond Plate Ramp Bottoms
  • Includes Ramp Support Arms to Pin Ramps to Deck or In Upright Position
  • Great for Skidsteers, Tricycle Tractors, Small Tractors, Mowers, Mini-Excavators, ATVs, Side by Sides
  • Tail Option Code: W

Notes: Cannot be retrofitted to existing trailer

Looking for Monster Ramp that are hydraulic powered? Check out our Power Tail

Side Mount ATV Ramps

Play Video about PJ Side ATV Ramps

The side mount ATV ramp option gives you the ability to load an ATV/UTV in the front and one from the rear between the fenders.

The frame rails in front of the fenders are ramps that can be removed to offer side loading.

  • Ramps serve as side rails of trailer
  • Includes side ramp bar
  • Available on U6, U7, & U8
  • For 12 – 14 ft single axles and 16 – 20 ft tandem axles
  • Standard ramp length is 61.5′ and with a 57′ wide opening


12 ft tandem axle has a 41′ ramp and 37′ opening (not recommended for ATVs)

14 ft tandem axle has a 51′ ramp and 47′ opening (not recommended for ATVs)

Rear Support Stands (Stabilizers)

Want to stabilize the rear of your dump trailer or gooseneck when loading equipment? Our Rear Support Stand option is available on PJ Goosenecks and 83” Wide Dump trailers. Simply pull the hitch pin and you can quickly drop the support stand into place. The foot of the stand has a handle to make them easy to lift and lower.

The 83” wide dump trailers now include a pre-drilled collar standard on the bottom of the rear bumper that makes this option very easy to add on. For the flat deck option a collar has to be added to the rear bumper (included in the price).

Option Code: -RS01 (Dumps) / -RS02 (Flatdecks)

Models: 83″ wide dumps (D7, DL, D9, & DJ) and flatdecks (FS, FD, LD, & F8)

  • Stabilizes the trailer during loading
  • Can be quickly raised and lowered
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Includes hitch pin
  • 1 ½” x 1 ½” Square Tube for Dump
  • 2″ x 2″ Square Tube for Flatdecks

Ramp Gate Transition Lip

Our ramp gate transition lip makes loading vehicles and equipment with small wheels easy work.

  • Great for small wheels (mowers, golf carts, four wheelers, motorcycles, etc…)
  • 2′ x 4′ lip – 1/4′ smooth plate
  • Cut on CNC Plasma for smooth finish
  • Available on A6, U6, U7, & U8 Utility Trailers
Play Video about PJ Ramp Gate Transition Lip

Hydraulic Dovetail

Hydraulic Dovetail Features

At PJ Trailers we not only created the first gooseneck hydraulic dovetail, we perfected it. Our 10’ dovetail makes it extremely quick to load and unload heavy equipment.

  • Deck uses hydraulic power to raise and lower the tail (no lifting ramps)
  • Hydraulic pump and battery located in side mount locking toolbox
  • 10 ft long tail with 40′ diamond plate
  • Spring loaded under ride protection bar
  • 15 degree load angle for low profile deck (LY model)
  • 17 degree for standard deck height (FD & SY models)
  • Available only on FY, LY, & SY models
  • Deck has 10,000 lbs lift capacity and 4,000 lbs hauling capacity from center point forward
  • Tail Option Code: S -10 ft Hydraulic Dovetail, C -10 ft Hydraulic Self Cleaning Dovetail (angle only/no wood see photos below), N -9 ft Double Break Hydraulic Dovetail
Play Video about PJ Hydraulic Dovetail

5′ Dovetail w/ 4 Flip-over Ramps

  • Four (4) Ramps cover the width of the dovetail (up to 100′ wide)
  • Popular for hauling hay, pipe, lumber, containers, and other bulky cargo
  • Allows you to use the full length of your deck and still load equipment
  • All ramps are double hinge spring assisted for easy lifting
  • 5′ x 21.5′ ramp with 13 degree load angle
  • Available on FS, FD, and LD Models (Option Code: Q)
  • Can also be ordered with Diamond Plate Ramp Bottoms

Adjustable Dovetail

5′ Adjustable Dovetail Features

  • Integrated Jack Design
  • Slide-in or Stand-up Ramps Available
  • Available on FS & FD Models
  • Treated Southern Yellow Pine Deck
  • Dovetail Load Angle with Straight Deck Clearance
  • Deck Must Be Pinned in the Up Position for Transport

Whenever you haul heavy equipment for landscaping, construction and more, you need an easy way to get your equipment onto your trailer. Dovetails and gates both help you load your equipment quickly and efficiently, while a ramp gate will allow you to quickly load or unload equipment from your trailer and also provide secure protection for your cargo.

Trailer Ramps for Sale

A new trailer we sell with come with ramps. Ramps can be lost or damaged. Many trailers are not sold with ramps. Buying a trailer ramp can help with a variety of different models. For example, a side-mount dump ramp from Nationwide Trailers is an optional feature on our 60′ utility dump (D5) trailer. Use it to haul mowers, ATVs and other small vehicles in your dump bed without worrying that anything could fall out.

At Nationwide Trailers, we carry a variety of trailer ramps at our Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas locations, including:

  • Side-mount dump ramps
  • 4′ monster ramps
  • Rear slide-in ramps
  • Straight deck w/ 8′ slide-in ramps
  • Monster ramps
  • Side-mount ATV ramps
  • Heavy-duty ramps
  • Power tail
  • Ramp gate transition lip

Buy Trailer Dovetails

When you purchase a new trailer or design a custom model, you have to decide if you want it to include a dovetail or a straight deck tail. Our trailers come have a variety of dovetails, 2 ft to 5 ft. dovetails. Find us in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Your trailer may include dovetails such as:

  • 5′ dovetail with three ramps
  • Center pop-up dovetail
  • 4′ dovetail with flip-over ramps
  • Hydraulic dovetail
  • 5′ dovetail with four flip-over ramps
  • Adjustable dovetail

Our adjustable dovetail is a great option if you’re looking for versatility. This 5′ adjustable dovetail has a variety of features, such as integrated jack design, treated southern yellow pine deck and a dovetail load angle with straight deck clearance. We also carry dovetails with flip-over ramps that reduce the pressure of loading even further.

Trailer Gates for Sale

Sometimes you need a gate in addition to a ramp and a dovetail. We have a wide selection of gates, from side options to heavy-duty solutions, to keep your cargo safe. Our trailer gates for sale include:

  • Dump side gate
  • Dump landscape gate
  • Heavy-duty gate

For large dump trailers such as our 83″ wide dump trailer, our dump side gate is a great solution to getting cargo inside. The side door helps you load and unload material that’s in front of the axles. It’s especially helpful for the landscape industry when you need access to dirt or other materials near the front of your trailer.

Trailer Plates, Bars and More

We carry more than gates, ramps and dovetails. We also offer products such as a rolling tailboard, rear support stands and more to give you the best experience possible. Our inventory includes:

  • Expanded metal traction plates
  • 1 x 1 angle traction bars
  • Rolling tailboard
  • Rear support stands (stabilizers)

Contact Nationwide Trailers Today

Whenever you’re ready to purchase a new trailer or accessories, contact Nationwide Trailers. We have a wide selection of different trailers as well as custom options to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our trailer ramps, gates and dovetails for sale.

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