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If you are Farming or ranching you’ll need a good trailer. Nationwide stocks leading brands of horse and stock trailers in our Cabot Arkansas location. Since acquiring Trailer Country of Cabot Arkansas we have merged our horse and stock trailers at the new Nationwide Trailers location in Cabot.  If your business requires frequent transportation of the animals you’ll need a reliable stock trailer.

When you need to transport horses look no further than Nationwide Trailers. Our expert sales reps know the business and can help you find the right trailer, from a single horse trailer to a four-horse slant with full living quarters. Find brands like Bison, Sundowner, Cimarron, Delta, Exiss, Lamar, and Dixie Star, Logan and 4-Star.

We understand that different types of livestock demand a different approach when it comes to how you carry them. Nationwide Trailers sells both horse trailers and stock trailers along with Horse/Stock Combo Trailers. Cabot Arkansas is our main location for these trailers.  We’ve been a leading provider in the industry for nearly a decade, and we’re committed to offering you reliable solutions at competitive prices.

Also check out our New Trailers for sale or Used Trailers for sale. We have a complete selection of Trailers for Sale at any of our five dealerships across Texas with locations in Houston, San Antonio, Odessa, Pasadena, and Fort Worth, Tulsa, Ok, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock, AR!

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Transport your horses with comfort and ease. Whether you’re traveling to horse show competitions, rodeos, or just riding, Horse trailers are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of horses and their riders, and they offer features designed to make your horse’s transport as smooth as possible. Our location in Cabot Arkansas, just north of Little Rock has a huge selection of horse trailers. Some features unique to horse trailers include:

  • Living Quarters: The namad lifestyle of horse shows and rodeo competitors demand you travel in comfort as well as your horses. Our Horse trailers with living quarters provide complete comfort of RV living. Comfortable beds, kitchens, and showers provide the feeling of home while you and your family are on the road. Horse trailers from respected names such as Cimarron, Bison, 4-Star, Delta, Logan Coach, Sundowner, Exiss and Featherlite. Living Quarters by Trail Boss on many models.
  • Dividers: Our trailers have built-in dividers to create individual stables for your riding buddies.
  • Tack rooms: Horse trailers feature tack areas to store your gear, making them ideal for horseback riders on the go.
  • Special flooring: Several failures of horse trailer flooring have occurred as a result of inappropriate flooring materials. Flooring mats and other types of unique flooring can prevent horses’ strong hooves from breaking the trailer’s floor, so you can enjoy safe use of your trailer for years to come.
  • Insulation: Insulation is often overlooked when people are considering the best type of trailer for a horse, but it’s an essential feature for the animal’s comfort. Proper insulation can protect horses from the dangerous heat and cold that often seep into the trailer on long trips. It can also protect the roof from tearing if your horse rears.
  • Short wall: The short wall is part of a slant load horse trailer’s dressing room. The section is off-limits to the horse and can be transformed into living quarters or other finished space.


Stock trailers are best suited for other types of livestock — such as cattle, goats, pigs or sheep — unless modified. Some of the qualities that make stock trailers ideal for cattle and other livestock include:

  • Open space: Trailers designed for livestock are often brighter and more open than those designed to transport horses. They typically feature open areas along the sides rather than windows, allowing for increased ventilation.
  • Traditional flooring: While horse trailers offer special flooring or a floor mat to prevent skidding or floor breakage, stock trailers offer a simple design without rubber mats on the floors or walls.
  • Low roof: Because most stock trailers are designed specifically for cattle, they feature a lower roof that might not be high enough for horses to fit comfortably.
  • Flexibility: Stock trailers are designed to hold far more than just one kind of animal, making it an excellent option for farmers with several types of livestock.


Make transporting horses and cattle more efficient by buying an appropriate trailer from Nationwide Trailers. Feel free to contact us today, and we’ll help to find your ideal solution.