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Whether it’s construction debris, landscaping materials, or heavy equipment, our roll-off trailers are your ticket to efficiency and power. Durability? Check. Versatility? Check. Just like a chameleon, roll-off trailers adapt to your surroundings. Need bins at multiple jobsites? No problemo! The roll-off design allows you to effortlessly swap out dump boxes, making it a breeze to transport different materials wherever they need to go. Need to move palletized construction material? Done. Simply hook up a roll-off deck, and just like that, you’ve converted this trailer into a formidable flatbed. It’s like having two trailers in one, giving you the flexibility to tackle a variety of tasks with ease.


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Roll-off Dump Trailer FAQ

What are roll-off dump trailers used for?

Roll-off dump trailers are versatile vehicles designed for efficiently transporting and unloading large volumes of materials, debris, and waste. They are commonly used in construction, demolition, and waste management industries.

How do roll-off dump trailers work?

Roll-off dump trailers feature a unique hydraulic system that allows the entire trailer bed to be lifted and tilted, allowing for easy and controlled unloading of the dumpster. A strong winch is used to load and unload the dumpster from the trailer’s guide rails.

Can I customize the features of my roll-off dump trailer?

Absolutely. We offer customization options such as trailer size, container size, and additional compartments to meet the specific needs of your hauling projects.

What is the weight capacity of your roll-off dump trailers?

Our roll-off dump trailers come in various weight capacities based on their size and design. We can assist you in selecting a trailer that can handle your intended load.

Are your roll-off dump trailers suitable for handling different types of materials?

Yes, our roll-off dump trailers are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including construction debris, waste, aggregates, and more.

Can I use a roll-off dump trailer for recycling purposes?

Absolutely. Roll-off dump trailers are commonly used in recycling operations to transport and unload recyclable materials efficiently.

What type of hitch do I need for towing a roll-off dump trailer?

The type of hitch required depends on the weight of the roll-off dump trailer and your vehicle’s towing capacity. Our experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate hitch.

Can I finance the purchase of a roll-off dump trailer?

Yes, we offer financing options to make owning a roll-off dump trailer more accessible. Our team can help you find a financing plan that fits your budget.

Do you sell roll-off dumpster containers?

Yes, we sell roll-off dumpster containers that are compatible with a variety of roll-off dump trailer brands. Please refer to the stock listing for compatibility details. Shop roll-off dump containers.

Do you sell roll-off flatbed decks?

Yes, we sell PJ Trailer’s RD Roll-off Flatbed Deck, which converts your roll-off trailer into a flatbed trailer, increasing the value of your trailer purchase. Shop roll-off flatbed decks.

Do you offer any roll-off dump packages that include the trailer and dumpsters?

Yes, we offer roll-off dump packages for those looking to save money by purchasing multiple dumpsters upfront along with their trailer! Ask your Nationwide dealership for details!

How can I determine the right roll-off dump trailer for my hauling needs?

Our experts are here to help you select the ideal roll-off dump trailer based on the type of materials you’ll be transporting and your intended usage.