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Carrying around ramps everywhere you go can be a real pain. Seriously, who wants to deal with the hassle of lugging those things around every time you need to load up your equipment? Say goodbye to cumbersome ramp systems and say howdy to tilt trailers. Vehicles and heavy equipment can be driven right onto the bed. Make your next haul an easy one with a tilt bed trailer.


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More About Tilt Trailers

It can be a pain to have to carry around ramps everywhere you go. You need them every time you load a piece of equipment onto your trailer, right? They are difficult to use, take up your time and increase the risk of improper loading. But it doesn’t have to be that challenging.

At Nationwide Trailers, we have tilt trailers for sale from PJ Trailers as well as LoneStar for sale. You can save yourself a lot of frustration by using tilt trailers that make the job easier. Load anything from trucks to heavy equipment, and you’re good to go.

Tilt Trailers make loading much easier, faster, and way more efficient. Whether you’re loading equipment like skid steers, tractors, or excavators at the job site, or ATVs on the weekend Tilt Trailers are the ideal trailer design. No more steep angles or lifting and positioning ramps every time. Nationwide Trailers has a large selection of tilt trailers for all uses. These include gravity tilts and powered hydraulic tilts. Take a look at some of the tilt trailers offered by Nationwide Trailers.

With a mixed fleet of options, we help you determine which best suits your projects no matter what industry you work or if you’re looking for a trailer for at-home jobs. Tilt Trailers are available with hydraulic power tilts or gravity tilts that will lower slowly into place by the weight of the equipment once driven onto the tilt deck.

We offer the full-tilt container hauler that can transport up to 40-foot shipping containers. The 40-foot Gooseneck Full Tilt Container Hauler has a hydraulic scissor lift deck to handle very heavy loads. If that’s too much of a trailer to handle, one of the most noteworthy tilt trailers we have is the PJ 22-Foot Lowboy full-power tilt trailer with a gooseneck.

It has 2,000 to 7,000 pounds of Dexter torsion axles, a knife-edge rear, a 74-inch deck width and electric brake EZ lube axles. The PJ trailer even has safety chains, flush-mounted lights and other features. All our tilt solutions are designed for simple loading. With hydraulic cylinders for easy tilting, the trailers also have torsion axles to reduce the load angles.


Knife-Edge Tail

The 30″ Diamond plate Knife-Edge Approach ramps allows for easy and smooth loading onto the deck. This is especially helpful for low clearance equipment such as scissor lifts or fork lifts.

Low Load Angles

Torsion axles and PJ Trailer’s unique frame design allow lower deck heights and extremely low load angles.

Hydraulic Cushioned Gravity Tilt

Our gravity tilts use a hydraulic cylinder, reservoir, and proportioning valve to control the rate of lowering and raising of the deck.

Powered Full Tilt {TF}

Standard Hydraulic Power Up & Down:
The powered full tilt comes standard with locking toolbox that contains the KTI Hydraulic Pump powered by an Interstate deep cycle battery.
The unit powers twin 3″ x 16″ cylinders through Parker fittings and hoses to raise and lower the deck.


  • Blackwood Deck; Rubber-Infused Flooring prevents slipping, especially in wet environments.
  • Bumperpull Double Deck Toolbox
  • Top Riser Toolbox
  • Cold Weather Wiring Harness
  • Plate for Winch
  • Solar Battery Charger


With the right tilt deck at your disposal, you can haul almost anything you want. Heavy equipment engines ranging from skid steer loaders and compact tractors to mini excavators or even your car or truck. You can also haul ATVs, mowers, forklifts, materials and other equipment as you see fit.

Traditional ramps can’t keep up with higher load angles, and you always have to reposition them. With our offered line of tilt trailers, we help you eliminate the struggle of carrying ramps to load and unload. Our Tilt decks are ideal for warehouses, construction job sites, and a variety of other industries and applications.

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Nationwide Trailers is the largest PJ Trailer dealer in the U.S. Along with our new equipment, we also offer used solutions to accommodate your budget. Our experts learn about your applications to help you receive the right trailer with the appropriate features for your job.

If our vast inventory doesn’t have the exact trailer you need, we can order what we don’t have or even customize the design of your trailer.

Tilt Trailer FAQ

What are tilt trailers used for?

Tilt trailers are specialized vehicles designed to transport a variety of equipment and loads. They feature a tilting bed that allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy items, making them ideal for construction, landscaping, and hauling purposes.

How do tilt trailers work?

Tilt trailers have a hydraulic or manual tilting mechanism that allows the trailer bed to tilt, creating a ramp for loading and unloading equipment and materials.

What types of tilt trailers do you offer?

We offer a range of tilt trailers, including hydraulic tilt trailers and gravity tilt trailers. Each type has specific features suited for different loading methods. We have have a full 40-foot tilt deck trailer that’s perfect for moving shipping containers (CONEX)!

Can I customize the features of my tilt trailer?

Yes, we offer customization options such as trailer size, deck material, and weight capacity to match your specific hauling needs.

What is the weight capacity of your tilt trailers?

Our tilt trailers come in various weight capacities based on their size and design. We can help you choose a trailer that can handle the weight of your loads.

Are your tilt trailers suitable for transporting construction equipment?

Yes, our tilt trailers are well-suited for transporting construction equipment, machinery, and other heavy loads. The tilting feature makes loading and unloading easier.

Can I use a tilt trailer for transporting vehicles?

Absolutely. Tilt trailers are versatile and can be used to transport vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and ATVs. The tilting mechanism simplifies the loading process.

What type of hitch do I need for towing a tilt trailer?

The type of hitch required depends on the size of the tilt trailer and your vehicle’s towing capacity. Our experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate hitch.

Can I finance the purchase of a tilt trailer?

Yes, we offer financing options to make owning a tilt trailer more accessible. Our team can help you find a financing plan that fits your budget.

How can I determine the right tilt trailer for my hauling needs?

Our experts are here to help you select the ideal tilt trailer based on the type of equipment and materials you’ll be transporting and your intended usage.