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Transform your truck into a mobile workshop, jobsite storage, or a hauling powerhouse. The possibilities are as limitless as the country sky. With rugged construction and specialized options, our truck beds can handle anything you throw at them. No more worrying about wear and tear or being held back by weak construction. These truck beds are ready to tackle the toughest of tasks with uncompromising strength and versatility. Unlock your truck’s potential and let us outfit you with a high quality truck bed today!


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More About Truck Beds

One of the many truck accessories we stock at our 10 locations, truck beds are the most critical to our commercial customers. Countless businesses rely on pickup trucks as part of their everyday tasks, as they can serve a vast range of uses. While many manufacturers design trucks with the intention of industrial use, from the engine power to the chassis, some companies need a few additional improvements to create the ultimate work machine.

How To Select a Truck Bed

Along with trailers we offer quality truck accessories such as Truck Beds at all locations. Contractors, Repair Technicians, and Company Fleet Trucks in many industries require Truck Beds or Utility Beds for their commercial vehicles. We offer PJ Truck Beds in various models including service bodies and aluminum models. Contact us for more information or quotes for any of our Fleet Truck and Commercial Truck Accessories. Most unit pricing includes installation. For turnaround on truck bed installs consult your sales representative.

Read more about PJ Truck beds and Utility Bed Models Available

Some choices, like the PJ Trailers GB Truck Bed, a non-skirted flatbed style gives more flat space for hauling and transporting equipment. The GS is a skirted truck bed model. Others, like the GUA Aluminum Service Body Truck Bed, prioritize compartmentalization, as you can store massive supplies of tools and other accessories thanks to numerous integrated tool boxes.

They all feature ultra-durable, powder-coated lighting that aligns with U.S. Department of Transportation standards, making them entirely legal units to take on the road.

They come with universal body and bumper mounting kits to increase the ease of installation, as well as angled fuel fill. You can find side rub rails with stake pockets, as well as steel tubing head racks and flush-mounted tie downs.

Other crucial characteristics that you can have a say in include the following:

  • Material: You can choose between steel and aluminum bodies, which carry their respective advantages. Steel beds offer increased durability and strength, making them ideal for routinely heavy loads. Aluminum has become increasingly popular, as it can handle a good amount of weight while also offering corrosion resistance, better gas mileage due to lower weight, and increased flexibility and comfort due to a low modulus of elasticity.
  • Size: Your job requirements will determine how much area you need, and we luckily offer several size options. Depending on the model, you can choose from lengths that include 8’1″, 8’4″, 8’6″, 9’1″, 9’4″, 10’8″ and 11’4″.
  • Hitch strength: Our different beds carry different strength ratings, which will affect how much weight you can carry with trailers that you attach. Hitches generally sit at a baseline of 14,500 pounds, but you can choose options that scale up to 26,000 pounds on gooseneck hitches. They also have integrated safety chain loops.

You’ll gain a sense of security with manufacturer warranties on all products, along with no-rust guarantees.


We will go the extra mile by designing and constructing a custom trailer to fulfill your requirements. We routinely engage in this process, so you can feel confident in the results that we produce.