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PJ Trailers Oklahoma City

Nationwide Trailers just keeps growing. We entered the Oklahoma market with our Tulsa location and now as of March 2021 PJ Trailers are for sale in Oklahoma City as our newest location is now open. Our inventory includes new and used equipment and utility trailers, goosenecks, tilts and dump trailers. We also will have trailers specifically designed for the Oilfields.
Located 335 Mulholland Way, Oklahoma City, OK 73128  Nationwide Trailers Oklahoma City offers quality PJ Trailers, LoneStar custom design trailers and Spartan Cargo and Oilfield trailers. See our large inventory of PJ Trailers In Stock.

NOTE: Google Maps may direct you to Mullholland Dr. in Edmond. Please double check you’re going to 335 Mulholland Way.

​​Store Hours

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Nationwide Trailers
335 Mulholland Way
Oklahoma City, OK 73128
Phone: 405-876-5954

Our New and Used Trailers

Finding the right trailer depends on factors such as your vehicle, budget, the material being transported and how far you have to transport it. A trailer from Nationwide Trailers delivers long-term reliability and usage. Whether you are moving heavy equipment, ATV bikes or furniture, our trailer selection will help ensure a smooth transition.

No matter what you are transporting, we have a trailer that can help. Some of our popular products include:

View our full inventory and discover how Nationwide Trailers can benefit you on your next project.

Custom Trailer Options for Every Project

Unlike other trailer companies, we can customize your trailer to fit your needs. Customization is a handy tool if you are transporting unique items or if you want features not offered in our regular in-stock inventory. You can order exactly what you want and get the most out of your budget.

Using our customization process, you’ll begin by telling us what you’re planning to carry. We help you in selecting the type of equipment you need. From there, you can change the length, color, tail, coupler and other features. If you prefer to start from scratch, we have a list of accessories that you can choose from to create the perfect equipment for your operation.

If you need assistance in customizing your trailer, reach out to a specialist at Nationwide Trailers. We can help you find the ideal trailer specifications for your vehicle and project demands.

Contact Nationwide Trailers to Learn More

At Nationwide Trailers, we work hard to ensure you get the best product for your job. We’ll consult with you and talk through the options so you feel confident in your selection. We problem-solve for drivers and business owners in various industries, ranging from agriculture to general contractors.

When you work with us, you’ll gain access to:

  • Our large inventory.
  • A supportive sales team.
  • Custom trailer design and builds.

We’re ready to provide the trailer you need whenever you need it. To find out more about our services and trailers for sale in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, contact us online or give us a call at 405-876-5954.

Contact Us for Support

When you need equipment trailers in Oklahoma City, try browsing our entire selection. You can also visit the location and speak with a Nationwide Trailers expert, so we can learn about what you need. Contact us online or call 405-876-5954 for more information. We will help you receive the right trailer with all the appropriate features for your job.