Oilfield Trailers in San Antonio, Odessa, and Oklahoma City, OK.

Our inventory changes hourly – call for current availability.

Nationwide Trailers has locations near active oil fields in Texas and Oklahoma. Our Odessa location is in the middle of the West Texas Oilfields. Our San Antonio store is located near the Eagle Ford Shale region in south Texas which has seen much growth in oil and gas production. The Nationwide Trailers store is in Atascosa just south of San Antonio. Our newest location on the west side of Oklahoma City will be convenient for our oil and gas customers in that region.

We stock an inventory of trailers used by the oil industry. Pipe haulers, monorail trailers, trash and porta-potty trailers as well as dump and flatbed trailers are in stock in these locations to serve our customers in the oil and gas industry.

Bookmark our page so that you can check back often and be sure not to miss any of the great PJ Trailers models we have added to our inventory. Our team can also notify you if the trailer type you’re looking for becomes available, so let us know what you are looking for today.

Check out these great Trailers

East Texas Trailers 5 x 6 Tandem Axle Fuel Tank

600 Gal. w/6K axles - For Sale In Odessa, Call 432-216-2662

  • On Order

    600 Gal. w/6K axles - For Sale In Odessa, Call 432-216-2662
    • Condition :New
    • Type :Trailer
    • Axles :2 - 6000 lb
    • GVWR :12000 lb
    • Location :Odessa
    • Size :6' x 60"

    LoneStar Trash Trailer / Porta Potty Trailer 18' x 83"

    Dual Pupose - Fits 2 Porta-Pottys - for sale in San Antonio; Call 210-622-3001

  • On Order

    Dual Pupose - Fits 2 Porta-Pottys - for sale in San Antonio; Call 210-622-3001
    • Condition :New
    • Type :Trailer
    • Axles :2 - 3500 lb
    • GVWR :7000 lb
    • Location :San Antonio
    • Size :18'

    Don’t Settle for ‘Close Enough’

    Some people looking at trailers for sale end up settling for the first trailer they see. At Nationwide Trailers, we encourage you to be pickier! Don’t change the way you haul your trailer. Make your trailer adapt to the way you haul. Thanks to our partnership with PJ Trailers, we can offer a larger selection than the competition, which means you get to choose the right oilfield trailer for your business or organization.

    When you factor in our wide range of features, reliable hydraulic and electrical systems and class-leading safety and security systems, there’s simply no beating a PJ Trailers trailer from Nationwide Trailers. When you buy from us, you’re getting:

    • Value
    • Reliability
    • Capability
    • Security
    • Dependability

    Not only will you get a trailer that works well for your needs today, but you’ll also have a trailer that will give you countless miles of reliability — and will still retain value if you decide to trade it in or sell it later to upgrade to a newer model. With years of experience as a PJ Trailer dealer, we have come to know just how capable and flexible their models are.

    Contact our team today and tell us what industry you’re in. We can share our experience and help you determine the best type of trailer for your needs. There are PJ Trailer models that work well for oilfield customers looking for a professional-quality trailer for transporting all types of equipment to and from the job site.