Storage Accessories

Bolt On Chain Rack


  • Rack stores up to 5 chains
  • Bolts to c-channel behind risers and front gussets on PJ gooseneck trailers
  • Can be locked to help prevent theft
  • Can be mounted to driver or passenger side (two racks recommended for chains & boomers)
  • Fit FS, FD, LD, FY, LY, & SD models

Pallet Fork Holders


  • Offers quick and convenient storage of pallet forks for skid steers and tractors
  • Holders built out of 2″ x 6″ rectangular tubing
  • Standard outside width of holders is 45″
  • Openings are 5.75″ wide
  • Available on CC, T6, TF, and T7
  • Forks can be secured with strap or chain
  • Not available on goosenecks (would exceed 102″ wide)

Gooseneck Riser Tool Box


  • Offers additional storage for chains, straps, binders, gloves, etc.
  • Box faces the rear of the gooseneck and is accessible from the trailer deck
  • Tandem dual gooseneck box outside dimensions 46″w x 11″d x 16″h
  • Available on any PJ gooseneck trailer (most popular on FS, FD, LD, FY, LY, & CC)
  • Can be used to enclose a winch with factory installed winch plate as base of box (hole and/or fairlead for cable must be cut by end user based on winch design)
  • Option Code: -TB03

Deck on the Neck

Our deck on the neck option turns an area that is typically wasted into highly usable deck space. This option is quite popular for hauling attachments, tools, bales, and palleted cargo. It is also used on some hot-shot trailers since it allows the driver to carry additional cargo.

  • Mitered corners for cab clearance
  • Outside frame made from 6″ x 2″ tubing
  • 3″ Channel Crossmembers on 16″ centers
  • 102″ wide (rail to rail) x 96″ long
  • Approximate weight: 450 lbs/204 kg
  • Includes clearance lighting
  • Includes Stake Pockets, Rubrail, & Pipe Spools
  • D-rings & slide track w/ ratchets can be added
Play Video about PJ Deck On The Neck

Landscape Trailer Sides

We offer both 2 ft & 4ft expanded metal sides on our channel frame utility trailers (U6, U7, & U8). These sides are most popular for landscaping, hauling brush, and ATV/UTV use.

  • Fits U6, U7, & U8 Channel Utility Trailers
  • Sides bolt-on through stake pockets
  • 2ft Sides Option Code: 2
  • 4ft Sides Option Code: 4
  • Other popular options to order with landscape sides include a side gate and landscape cage.

Expanded Metal Landscape Toolbox


Our landscape tool boxes mount at the front of utility trailers and are offered in 60″, 77″, or 83″ widths (dependent on the width of the trailer). This cage is great for storing gas cans, trimmer line spools, shovels, and more.

  • Fits U6, U7, & U8 Channel Utility Trailers
  • Requires either 2 or 4 ft expanded metal sides
  • Cage door uses lynch pins that can be replaced with locks
  • Landscape Toolbox Option Code: C

Side Mount Wood Rack


Side mount wood racks (aka dunnage racks) are a great place to store your 4×4 lumber, commonly used when hauling pipe. This 8 ft rack mounts under the deck and is welded to the main beam of the trailer. This option is very popular on purpose built hot shot trailers.


We now offer a second wood rack option that has a hinged door. This allows you to drop the door to store bulky items like tarps and toolboxes in the rack.

Dump Spare Tire and Mount


The dump spare tire and mount option is a full size spare that is installed in front of the fender on the passenger side just below the dump side support. The spare tire and mount can also be mounted on the driver side if requested.
Trailer Models: D7, D9, DL, & DJ

Gooseneck Riser Tool Box


The dump spare tire mount is installed in front of the fender on the passenger side (unless driver side is requested) just below the dump side support.

You haul everything from your favorite car to the equipment you need for work every day. However, your trailer only has so much space, and some cargo may need its own toolbox or another secure storage option. We carry a variety of trailer storage options, from trailer sides and landscaper toolboxes to spare tire mounts, to help you maximize the space you get from your trailer in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Trailer Pallet Fork Holders

If you’re in the construction industry, you need a quick and easy storage option for pallet forks for skid steers and tractors. Our trailer pallet fork holders offer 5.75″ wide openings where you can secure forks with a strap or a chain. The outside width of the trailer pallet fork holders measures 45″ and each holder is made from 2″ x 6″ rectangular tubing.

Buy Trailer Sides and Landscaper Toolbox

The landscape industry needs a special type of trailer to work efficiently. You have to haul mulch, dirt, mowers and other equipment, not to mention small tools that need a toolbox or a separate storage option to keep them safe from the elements. Our inventory includes:

  • Landscape trailer sides
  • Expanded metal landscape toolbox

Trailer Spare Tire Mounts for Sale

When you use your dump trailer daily, you can’t afford to lose costly downtime due to a flat tire. Nationwide Trailers carries spare tire mounts that can be welded to your trailer or clamped on. We also have a good selection of trailer tires so we recommend you cary a spare tire to keep you moving. Our trailer spare tire mounts for sale include a full-size spare that you can be installed on your trailer.

Trailer Tool Boxes for Sale and More

Our enclosed trailer tool boxes for sale are perfect for placing and securing gas cans, trimmer line spools, shovels and more. You can choose from landscape tool boxes with 60″, 77″ and 83″ widths that you can mount in the front of your utility trailers. We also carry other tool boxes and storage options such as:

  • Gooseneck riser toolbox
  • Bolt-on chain rack
  • Deck on the neck
  • Side-mount wood rack

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At Nationwide Trailers, our goal is to help you find exactly what you need for your trailer in Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas. We have a large inventory of new trailers as well as custom options if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Our extensive range of accessories, including trailer pallet fork holders and trailer spare tire mounts for sale, can help you outfit your trailer to meet every single one of your needs. Plus, we have a service department that can keep you up and running even when something goes wrong.

Contact us today to learn more about our trailer spare tire mounts for sale and more.

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