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Nationwide Trailers has one of the largest trailer inventories in the USA and has a massive inventory of enclosed cargo trailers for sale in Tulsa. Whether you want safe storage for a recreational vehicle or need an office on wheels, you’ll find a great selection of used and new enclosed trailers for sale, when you partner with us. The Nationwide Trailers team has the expertise required to help you find the perfect solution for moving your cargo.


About Our Cargo Trailers in Tulsa

Weather Protection – For some equipment and goods, even a weather event like rain can cause costly destruction. In the case of harsher weather like hail or high winds, your cargo may suffer more extensive damage like dings and dents. An enclosed trailer offers protection on all sides so you can enjoy stress-free transportation even during bad weather.

Storage Space – Enclosed cargo trailers offer a versatile storage option by acting like a shed on wheels. For instance, you can load your trailer up with boxes if you’re temporarily low on storage space elsewhere. For more advanced storage, you can install shelving and hooks inside to keep tools and other materials organized as you travel to different work sites. Small enclosed cargo trailers are handy if you transport goods but don’t want a large trailer to haul everywhere.

Security – With their sturdy lockable doors, enclosed trailers make it considerably more difficult for thieves to break in and take off with your valuable cargo. Their opaque walls also keep whatever you’re transporting out of sight, making it less likely that you’ll be targeted for your valuables. With an enclosed trailer, you can store things outside, even overnight, knowing that they have an extra layer of security.

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