About Enclosed Trailers

Nationwide Trailers has a robust selection of enclosed trailers for sale, and we can accommodate a vast range of different buyers.

We’re a proud carrier of Look brand trailers, as well as Pace American and Spartan Cargo Trailers. We’ve served all kinds of industries, from construction to oil and gas, giving us the experience and knowledge to meet your requests.

With the help of our experts, you’ll spend less time searching and more time on the road with a trailer that meets your requirements and needs.

Benefits of Enclosed Trailers

In certain situations, enclosed trailers offer a host of advantages over conventional open trailers, including:

  • Security: Enclosed trailers shield your items from view, which can reduce curiosity from potential thieves who might otherwise attempt to pry into an open trailer. If sneaky folks decide they want to try something, a locked cargo door and sturdy construction will keep them out.
  • Protection from the weather: Open-air trailers will often put you at the mercy of the elements, and your equipment might need multiple tarps over it to keep it protected. Rather than risking exposure, enclosed trailers will allow you to travel in any situation while your stuff sits safely inside.
  • Increased storage space: You can transform enclosed trailers into mobile workshops, as they add more overall space to play with. You can install racks, shelves, benches, and even power hookups and air-conditioning turning your trailer into a mobile workshop to give you better versatility.
White enclosed trailer

Types of Enclosed Trailers

You can find different variations of trailers in our inventory. From small landscaping trailers to large car-haulers. We’ll help you choose the best option for you.

  • Axles: Analyze your hauling inventory and estimate how much weight capacity you’ll need. We offer single and tandem axle models, with the latter option providing better weight distribution throughout the entirety of the frame.
  • Sizes: Taking note of your inventory will also give you insights into how much overall space will be required. We have 5×8 trailers that serve as compact storage mates, best-served for smaller, lighter loads. We have sizes that range up to 20 and 24 feet long heavy duty car haulers, as well as cargo trailers in lengths of 12 ft., 14 ft., and 16 ft. long models.
  • Shapes: Most of our enclosed cargo trailers feature a V-nosed front with a diamond plate exterior for added protection. This feature also adds a small amout of cargo space toward the front of the trailer and offers less wind resistant thus increasing gas mileage and stabilty on highways.

Customize Your Trailer

If you browse through our selection and come away without finding an option that checks all the boxes, trust us to keep your hopes alive.

We design and build custom trailers, putting any of your requests within the realm of possibility. We can finish out the interior of your enclosed trailer to create a living space or work area. Our experts will carefully examine your needs and spec the design precisely as intended. With our continued commitment to your satisfaction, you’ll never have to settle for any run-of-the-mill trailer again.

Contact Us for Your Trailer Needs

You’ll find professionalism at every turn when dealing with us, as we’ll work with you for as long as it takes to get you the enclosed trailer you need. Feel free to contact us today.