Utility Trailers at Nationwide Trailers

Utility trailer with rails

General & Heavy Duty Utility Trailers

Utility Trailers from Nationwide Trailers are versatile for many uses, and come in a wide variety of sizes. Additional features allow you to create the trailer with the exact specifications for what you need.

Common Uses for Utility Trailers

The P6 utility trailers are useful for hauling ATVs and dirt bikes, lawn service equipment like mowers or small tractors, general materials for construction sites or home projects, and more.
The P7 model is ideal for a ranch or deer lease, ATVs or UTVs, lawn service equipment, and small construction equipment like small tractors, excavators, small skid steers and trenchers, and even jeeps.

Heavy Duty Utility Trailers

The P8 is a heavy duty pipetop trailer. It can be ordered with tandem 7000 lb. axles with elec/hyd brakes. Add ramp gates, winch plates, rough oak decks and other optional features to create the exact trailer you need. The 24-foot maximum length makes this trailer useful in many situations.

Flat trailer with a back ramp

Common Utility Trailer Sizes

These utility trailers are available in sizes from 10 feet to 24 feet long with an 82″ wide deck. You can choose single or tandem axle styles. Axles are generally 3500 lb, 5200 lb, or 7000 lb capacities.

Options Available

Customize your utility trailer with optional items such as rear support jacks, black spoke wheels, fold up ramps, Dovetail ramps, spare tire mount, oak or blackwood decks, and more.

Black spoke wheels, spare tire mounts and other accessories are available
for all large or small utility trailers for sale from Nationwide Trailers in Texas.

Mount for spare trailer tire
Close up of black tires on a green trailer
Orange trailer hauling an ATV

Who says a trailer has to be black?

Choose an optional Color Powdercoat finish for your PJ Trailer or Lonestar Trailer. Match your company colors or just stand out in a crowd of trailers. Choose from Tractor Green, Tractor Orange, Desert Tan, Red, Gray, and Equipment Yellow. See color options here.

Green trailer with guardrails
Close up of red dump trailer

Small Utility Trailers, Single Axle

Nationwide Trailers has a huge selection of Small Utility Trailers for sale in Texas. The single-axle utility trailers are available from 60 inches wide and 8 foot lengths up to 77 Inch width and 20 foot lengths. Your trailer can be configured with ramps that include slide-in ramps, fold-up ramps, ramp gates, fold-up gates or ramps, bi-fold, and split gates. Most single axle trailers will be 8′ to 14′. Custom configurations are always available at Nationwide Trailers.

utility trailer with a back gate/ramp

Our most basic small utility trailer is the PJ Trailers u6. This trailer comes with a Dexter E-Z lube 3500 lb axle and has a GVWR of 2990 lb. It can be ordered in lengths from 8 foot to 20 foot, but 16 foot and above will require a tandem axle.
The frame and tongue are 4″ channel steel. Spring suspension is 4 leaf double eye. Crossmembers are 2.5″ x 2.5″ x x3/16″ Angle.
Other standard features include 2″ Ball Bulldog coupler, white spoke wheels, removable 2″ side-rails, and a treated pine deck. LED lights are flushmount 6″. Finish is powder coated.

Utility trailer with a back gate

A step up from the basic u6 is the PJ Trailers u2. This small utility trailer is extremely useful, with a 77″ wide deck and comes in lengths from 8′ to 14′. The axle is a 3500 lb Dexter E-Z lube Idler Axle. The frame is a 4″ channel frame and tongue and 2.5″ x 2.5″ x x3/16″ angle crossmembers. Axles can be upgraded to a 5200 lb with surge hydraulic drum. Other features are removeable 2″ x 2″ side rails. GVWR is 2990 lb. As most or the utility trailers for sale by Nationwide Trailers can be customized to the customer’s exact specifications.

Utility trailer

Next up is the PJ Trailers u7 that refers to an open utility trailer that is 77″ wide. Like most utility trailers, a single axle configuration is limited to the 14″ length. At 16″ a tandem axle will be required to insure safe operation. Standard axles are 3500 lb with an option for 5200 lb. Options include ramp gate transition lip, toolbox, winch plate, side-mount ATV ramps, metal floor, removeable side ramps, spare tire mount and much more.

60 inch steel utility trailer

The All-Steel Utility PJ Trailers a6 can be ordered in 8′ or 10′ lengths. It has a 60″ width and an expanded metal gate.

The axle is a 3500 lb Dexter.

Other features include removeable aluminum fenders, 12ga solid steel sides, 4″ channel tongue.

Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers

Trailer with guardrails

The PJ Trailers P6 is a general duty tandem axle, angle pipetop utility trailer. Nationwide Trailers usually keeps this model in stock at all 5 of our Texas locations. The most common length in stock is 16′. The P6 is available in 14′ up to 20′ lengths.
The standard configuration includes 2 3500 lb axles giving this utility trailer a 7000 lb GVWR.
Other standard features include 4 leaf double eye spring suspension, defender 2 electric breakaway kit with charger, and 5′ channel ramps.

Angle pipetop trailer

Moving up to the PJ Trailers P7 give the user a more heavy duty trailer. With a GVWR of 9,990 lbs based on 2, 5200 lb Dexter E-Z lube brake axles and 6 leaf slipper spring suspension.
Available in lengths from 10′ to 20′

pipetop trailer with gooseneck

If you want to step up to a Gooseneck coupler The PJ Trailers P8 pipetop is your trailer. It is available with a bumperpull coupler as well as the gooseneck. Lenght can be 12′ up to 24 feet. With 2, 7000 lb axles the P8 offers a GVWR of 14,000 lb. Additional strength comes from 5″ channel tongue and a 3″ x 5″ Angle frame, and 3″ channel crossmembers 16″ on center.