Best Trailers for Hauling Landscaping Equipment

Trailers come in numerous designs and sizes and serve many purposes. Utility trailers are often the best trailers for landscaping companies because they come in several types, offering the size and durability you need to transport large tools and equipment.

Below is a breakdown of the types of utility trailers and some factors you should consider when determining the best trailers for your landscaping company.

What Are Utility Trailers?

Utility trailers are the best types of trailers for landscaping companies to haul large equipment easily. The wide variety of utility trailers allows you to find one that best suits your business and the equipment you need to haul. It’s important to understand the differences between the types of trailers before you purchase one:

Open-Air Trailers

Open-air utility trailers have a high-quality mesh ramp door that’s meant to keep the load in. They have steel tie-down areas to help ensure your load stays secure on the flat deck. Though they offer less protection than enclosed trailers, they make up for it with their more affordable cost.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers protect your equipment from harsh weather with a prefinished aluminum exterior. The paint is usually a premium, multi-step paint for added protection. Enclosed trailers usually require more of an upfront financial investment, but they can protect your equipment from costly damages.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are similar to open-air trailers but are more versatile and have different applications. They have flat decks with enhanced durability. Flatbed trailers come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for all kinds of work.

Landscape Trailers

Landscape trailers are appropriately named, as they’re designed to haul landscaping equipment and materials. They come with tailgates that can also function as ramps, so loading equipment is much easier.

Just like you’d want your desk to be organized if you were working in an office, you want your tools to be organized when you’re working on a job site. Landscape trailers have tool cabinets and shelves built into the sides so you can easily stay organized and efficient.

How to Choose the Right Landscaping Trailer

You should take certain factors into consideration when choosing a trailer for your landscaping company, some of which are specific to your unique situation.


The safety of you, your crew and passersby should be your first priority. The equipment used in landscaping is heavy and can be dangerous if not used and secured properly. Having a trailer that helps you keep everything secure is vital for everyone’s safety.


Being willing to invest in a high-quality trailer will save you money down the road, as your equipment will be less susceptible to damages and your trailer will last longer. The most significant element to look for in a quality trailer is the material used to build it.
Trailers can be built with wood, aluminum, steel and a number of other materials. Your best bet in terms of longevity is to invest in a trailer with a steel deck. It may cost more upfront, but it’ll hold more weight, last longer and require fewer repairs. Ultimately, think about how much of your budget you can and want to invest in a trailer — stronger materials will cost more.


Trailers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When choosing the best one for you, take careful inventory of the size of the equipment you’ll need to haul in it. This includes the space it takes up and the total weight. Going over the weight recommendations could be dangerous and cause your trailer to lose quality fast.
You should also consider your business’s size. If you’re just starting out and plan to add a lot of equipment to your lineup, consider investing in a trailer that will meet your goals. If your trailer is your sole source of storage space for your landscaping equipment, that should be another factor you consider.


This choice is the fun part for most people. Though many practical factors go into this choice, there’s some freedom to choose what you like, as well. Initially, you need to make decisions about the design of your trailer:

  • Open trailer vs. enclosed trailer: An open trailer has more to offer than you may expect. These trailers are less expensive and keep you from having to climb into a hot, stuffy space when working in the heat of the summer. On the other hand, an enclosed trailer offers much more protection from harsh weather than open trailers do. They also keep you from needing to lock down every piece of equipment on your trailer.
  • Lift vs. ramp: Choosing whether you want a lift or a ramp for your trailer ultimately comes down to what you’re most comfortable with. If you believe you and your crew can safely get equipment on your trailer with a ramp, then that is a great option. If there are less people in your crew or it’s just you, a lift may make the process easier and safer.

On top of the practical choices, you can get some unique add-ons with your trailer to smooth out your workflow. Some trailers offer electric jacks to easily get them off of the ground for maintenance. You can get spare tire carriers to safely and easily store your spare tire. There are also storage racks you can add to the sides of your trailer to keep it organized.

Nationwide Trailers Has the Best Landscaping Trailers for Your Company

At Nationwide Trailers, we offer a large inventory of trailers with custom designs and great quality so you can find the trailer that’s right for your landscaping company. We take the time to hear how you’ll be using your trailer, what kind of equipment you have and how we can provide exactly what you need for your specific application.

We put our customers first and will do whatever it takes to meet your needs. We’d love for you to come visit one of our locations to see for yourself what makes Nationwide Trailers different. Contact us today with any comments or questions, and we’ll get back with you soon.


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