Revving Up: Nationwide Trailers Teams with DJ Robinson for Explosive 2024 Race Season

In an exhilarating partnership set to ignite at tracks across the Midwest, Nationwide Trailers of Des Moines proudly announces a partnership with RRC Motorsports driver, DJ Robinson. The 2024 race season promises to be a high-octane spectacle, with DJ Robinson at the wheel, showcasing the iconic Red, White, and Blue logo of Nationwide Trailers on the hood.

A Dynamic Duo: DJ Robinson and Nationwide Trailers

DJ Robinson is set to compete in the fiercely contested IMCA Hobby Stock series, capturing the hearts of racing enthusiasts starting April 19th through mid-September. The Nationwide Trailers logo will take center stage, a symbol of unwavering support for Robinson’s pursuit of victory. Additionally, Nationwide Trailers extends its backing to DJ’s talented son, Karson, in his karting endeavors, fostering the family-driven commitment to motorsports.

The Epicenter of Action: Boone Speedway

The adrenaline-fueled journey will kick off at the renowned Boone Speedway, a hub of racing excellence that hosted over 2000 teams during the 2023 Super Nationals finale. Robinson’s presence at Boone Speedway is not just a pursuit of victory but a testament to the dedication of Nationwide Trailers in associating with excellence and a relentless pursuit of success.

Beyond the Horizon: Racing Across the Heartland

DJ Robinson IMCA Hobby Stocker powered by Nationwide Trailers, is set to conquer tracks at various facilities, including Stuart Raceway, Newton Kart Club, Marshalltown Speedway, Warren County Speedway in Indianola, and Hamilton County Raceway in Webster City. The roar of engines and the flash of Nationwide Trailers’ colors will resonate through the racing circuits, leaving an indelible mark on the IMCA scene.

Nationwide Representation: Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin

RRC Motorsports, with DJ Robinson leading the charge, will proudly represent Nationwide Trailers across Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. This strategic alliance not only puts Nationwide Trailers of Des Moines in the fast lane but also solidifies their commitment to reaching audiences far and wide, showcasing the brand’s prowess in the heartland of America.

Join the Action: Meet DJ and Karson at the Track

Race fans, gear up for an unforgettable season and be sure to catch DJ Robinson and Karson in action. If you find yourself at the track, don’t miss the opportunity to cheer on the Nationwide Trailers race team. Meet DJ and Karson in person, share the excitement, and witness the thrill of motorsports at its finest.

Nationwide Trailers of Des Moines is not just a sponsor; it’s a driving force behind RRC Motorsports’ pursuit of excellence. As the engines rev up and the green flags waves to start the season, Nationwide Trailers stands proudly alongside DJ Robinson and Karson, epitomizing the spirit of speed, skill, and success. Let the 2024 racing season begin, fueled by the power of Nationwide Trailers.


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