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When you’re faced with the challenge of picking up a massive 40ft shipping container, you need a reliable solution that can handle the task with ease. That’s where our shipping container trailers come into play. This beast of a trailer can be effortlessly pulled with a 1-ton pickup, taking the hassle out of loading and unloading. Your business will run smoother than a Southern sunset. And this trailer is not limited to moving Conex boxes alone…It’s a full 40ft tilt bed, ready to conquer a wide range of hauling needs across various industries. Whether it’s construction or logistics, this versatile trailer is your ultimate solution.


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More About Container Delivery Trailers

Our inventory changes by the hour when it comes to our shipping container trailers. It’s a good idea to check in regularly to see our available options because you won’t want to miss out on the ideal solution. Container delivery trailers are sold to customers all over the United States because it is a unique product. We offer factory pickup at our manufacturing plant in NE Texas for convenience.

For example, a flatbed trailer can also adapt to other transportation needs and is lightweight yet durable enough to handle your toughest jobs. It’s a smart investment because it conforms to the legal limits for trailer capacities, adding to its value. A chassis container trailer offers the loading and unloading of containers with little effort. While it has a simple structure, a chassis has a rugged construction.

Gooseneck trailers do well with lowering the center of gravity, which increases the trailer’s stability. You can adjust it to your particular needs and we can even customize it with other features to suit your demands.

Nationwide Trailers has container trailers that reach up to 40 feet and have hydraulic tilt and super-winch specifications. A tilt bed is your best bet for sliding your containers onto the ground in the exact place you want while also ensuring top safety measures. Features such as deck rollers make it easy to slide a container onto the bed. 4″ removable guide rails keep the container in place while loading.


  • Loading and Transporting Shipping Containers, 20′ or 40′
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Portable Buildings
  • Any large items not easily loaded onto a flatbed


40 Ft. Trailers has a Full-Tilt Deck for loading and unloading shipping containers. Use a winch to haul containers onto the trailer. Roll the container off the trailer easily.


LoneStar Trailers makes the highest quality shipping container trailer in the industry. With a full 40 ft. tilting deck, loading and unloading containers is much easier and doesn’t require a crane. These trailers are fully customizable. Each of our 8 locations have the standard models in stock with either 10K or 12K axles. Many custom features can be ordered including a winch, deck rollers, gas engines mounted on the gooseneck to provide a reliable source of power so you never have to worry about your batteries being charged. Additional tool boxes and other accessories can also be added.

Our specialists listen to your exact specifications and assist you in investing in the right trailer for your application. Buy tilt shipping containers from Nationwide Trailers by viewing our inventory. For additional information, contact us online or reach out to a sales rep by calling 866-931-3001.

Shipping Container Trailer FAQ

What are shipping container trailers used for?

Shipping container trailers are specialized vehicles designed to transport shipping containers over land. They are commonly used for intermodal transportation, moving containers between ports, warehouses, and other locations.

What is the weight capacity of your container trailers?

The weight capacity varies depending on the size and design of the container trailer. We can help you choose a trailer that can accommodate your equipment and cargo.

What sizes of shipping containers can your trailers carry?

Our container trailers are designed to carry various sizes of shipping containers, from standard 20-foot containers to larger 40-foot containers. We can help you choose the right trailer for your container size.

Can I finance a shipping container trailer?

You bet! We offer easy and hassle-free finance options to suit your needs!

Are your container trailers suitable for long-distance transport?

Yes, our container trailers are designed for durability and stability, making them suitable for long-distance transport. They are equipped with features to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

Do you offer container trailers with hydraulic systems for loading and unloading containers?

Yes, we offer container trailers with hydraulic systems that facilitate the loading and unloading of containers. These systems make the process more efficient and convenient.

Can I customize the features of my container trailer?

Absolutely. We offer customization options such as hydraulic systems, deck rollers, and custom paint to tailor the container trailer to your specific needs.

How can I determine the right container trailer for my needs?

Our experts are here to help you select the ideal container trailer based on the type of containers you'll be transporting and your intended usage.