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If you’re faced with the task of transporting a large 40 ft. shipping container, you may have questions about pickup, delivery, and container placement onto your trailer. Look no further than Nationwide Trailers for the perfect solution. Our shipping container haulers for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth are equipped with a winch and the ability to tilt the trailer bed to the ground, making the loading of a 40-foot shipping container effortless.


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Containers provide an optimal solution for transporting finished products and are known for their safety in moving delicate goods between locations. With various designs and weights customized to meet packaging specifications, shipping containers require trailers that can adapt accordingly.

**If you can’t find the container hauler you desire in our Dallas-Fort Worth inventory, we’ll go the extra mile to assist you. Leveraging our extensive network, we will locate and acquire the ideal container hauler in Dallas-Fort Worth that meets your specific requirements. Your satisfaction is our top priority.**

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When it comes to finding the perfect shipping container hauler in Dallas-Fort Worth, look no further than Nationwide Trailers. As your trusted dealership, we provide an extensive inventory, unmatched customer service, and a commitment to meeting your unique requirements, making us the ultimate choice for all your container hauler needs.

Choose Nationwide Trailers for an exceptional experience and top-quality products. Whether you visit our DFW trailer dealership or explore our online inventory, you’ll discover a wide selection of shipping container haulers for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth. Let our team of experts assist you in selecting the ideal hauler for your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. Settle for nothing less than the best.